Alliance Championship Whiteout Survival

Alliance Championship

Alliance Championship is a turn-based tournament in Whiteout Survival where six different Alliances of the same tier (or almost the same tier) compete against each other to capture flags in three lanes.

In the Alliance Championship, every Alliance plays against the others. They follow a round-robin format. This means each Alliance faces every other Alliance in five matches.

When an Alliance decides to take part in the Alliance Championship, they can’t break up or disband until the championship is finished. This rule is to make sure that the competition is fair and that everyone stays committed to playing until the end.

Alliance Championship Requirements

To be a part of the Alliance Championship, a few things need to be true. First, you have to be a member of an Alliance. Second, your city’s Furnace needs to be at least level 10.

For an Alliance to join the Championship, it’s necessary that at least 10 players from the Alliance agree to participate. If fewer than 10 players are on board with taking part in the championship, then the Alliance can’t be a part of it.

Sign-Up Phase

To join the Alliance Championship, if you’re interested, follow these steps: First, go to the “Events” section in the game. From there, find the tab named “Alliance Championship.”

Once you’re in that tab, look for the sign-up button and tap on it. Then, you’ll need to choose your lanes and how your troops will be set up for battle.

The troops you use in the Alliance Championship battles won’t take up your usual March Slots, and if they get defeated, they won’t end up in the infirmary. This means you won’t lose any of the troops you deploy in the Championship battles.

There’s a limit to how many troops can fight in each lane at once. The number of troops that can fight depends on how skilled your Alliance is right now. The strongest troops will go into battle first.

Everyone in your Alliance who signs up for the Alliance Championship gets a reward at the end, even if they didn’t actually fight in any battles. To make sure an Alliance can be part of the championship, there need to be at least 10 members who sign up.

Preparation Phase

The way the Alliance Championship works is pretty interesting. It’s like a round-robin tournament, which means all the different alliances in a certain group get to face off against each other. They do this in a total of 5 showdowns.

Now, here’s something cool that the Alliance Leaders can do: They have the freedom to switch around the lanes where players put their troops. But, there’s a catch – they can’t actually change the troops themselves, only where they’re placed. And remember, these changes can only happen during the preparation phase before the battles start.

Battle Phase

Now, let’s explore how the Battle Phase of the Alliance Championship actually works. When the battle kicks off, both Alliances on each side have a task: they need to try and capture 3 flags, one on each of the 3 lanes.

Here’s how the fighting goes down: Troops on each side of a lane will take turns battling against each other. The ones who win a battle will then face off against the next batch of troops from the other side. Each group of soldiers only gets to fight twice.

Here’s where it gets exciting: If an Alliance manages to defeat all the enemy troops in a particular lane, they get declared the winner of that lane and they also get to claim that lane’s flag.

And the big goal here is to have more flags than the other side – because the Alliance with the most flags becomes the showdown winner and gets a nice boost of 3 points.

If both sides end up with the same number of captured flags, it’s called a draw. In this case, both sides still get a point each.

Completion Phase

Now, onto the Completion Phase, where things wrap up. After the 5-round showdown is all done, every alliance gets ranked and rewarded based on how well they did. Each alliance in a group gets a ranking that’s determined by their performance.

Alliances in the same group are ranked based on the Championship Points they earned. If there are a few alliances that ended up with the same number of Championship Points, their rankings get decided by considering a few things.

First, it’s about the number of flags they managed to capture. And then, it’s also about how many enemies they successfully defeated. This way, even if multiple alliances did equally well, the rankings can still be sorted out fairly.


Now, it’s time to dive into the rewards you can get from the Alliance Championship. There are actually two types of rewards you can earn through this competition.

The first type is called “KO rewards.” These rewards are given out after each round of battles. So, every time a round finishes, you have a chance to earn these rewards based on your performance.

The second type is called “tier rewards.” These rewards are a bit different. They’re not given out round by round, but instead, you get them at the very end of the championship. When the whole event is over, you’ll receive these rewards based on the tier your alliance ended up in.

KO Rewards

When each battle round in the round-robin phase comes to an end, all participants will receive what we call “KO Rewards.” These rewards are given out based on how many enemy teams you manage to defeat during the battles.

If your troops manage to take down 1 enemy team, you’ll earn what’s known as “Grade 1 rewards.” On the other hand, if your troops defeat 2 enemy teams, you’ll receive “Grade 2 rewards.”

Even if your troops remain undefeated, meaning they don’t lose to any enemy teams, you’ll still be eligible for those Grade 2 rewards.

So, no matter how many teams your troops defeat or even if they don’t face a single defeat, there are rewards waiting for your efforts in the Alliance Championship!

Tier Rewards

Tier Rewards in the Alliance Championship are determined by the tier your Alliance is in. If your Alliance has a history of winning championships before, it will be placed in higher tiers. And the higher the tier, the better the rewards you can earn.

There are a total of 6 tiers, with Diamond Tier and Ultimate Tier being the top two. The first tier is called Iron Tier. Each of these tiers has its own set of rewards for the alliances in that group.

The alliance that secures the first place in their group once the championship concludes receives the most rewards. Even if an alliance ends up at the bottom due to defeats, they still earn a good amount of rewards.

Now, let’s talk about the types of rewards you can get when the championship ends: General Speedups, Resource Supply Chests, and Championship Badges. Among these, Championship Badges are the most valuable. They can be used in the Alliance Championship shop to buy rare items.

The number of Championship Badges an alliance receives at the end of the championship depends on two things: the tier of the alliance and its position within the group.

So, aiming for higher tiers and better standings can earn you better rewards in the end!


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