Castle Battle

Castle Battle is a special event in Whiteout Survival where alliances compete to capture the Sunfire Castle. Once this intense competition comes to an end, the alliance that successfully maintained control of the Sunfire Castle for the longest duration gets massive rewards.

Castle Battle rewards include both personal gains for individual members, which include rare items like Charm Designs and Charm Guides, as well as collective alliance rewards, such as the opportunity to designate a president.


When an alliance successfully holds the Sunfire Castle until the end of the event, they have the opportunity to appoint a president. The appointment of a president can only be done by the R5 and must take place within a two-hour window following the event’s conclusion.

If the R5 fails to designate a president during this time frame, the R5 automatically becomes the president. Importantly, only members of the winning alliance are eligible to be appointed as president.

The president has the authority to appoint ministers and a vice president, but there’s a cooldown period of two hours. This means that once a member is appointed as a minister or vice president, they’ll hold that position for a fixed two-hour period and cannot be removed during that time.

It’s essential to note that once a member is appointed as president, they cannot leave the alliance.

The president can assign specific roles to Chiefs in the state, giving various benefits to their cities, such as faster construction, increased resource production, quicker troop training, and accelerated research.

However, it doesn’t end there. The president also has the authority to assign negative roles to Chiefs in their state. These roles can reduce the mentioned perks for those particular Chiefs.

In addition to the individual perks for selected Chiefs, the president also has the ability to activate statewide benefits, like speeding up research, construction, and healing processes. These benefits apply to all alliances and chiefs within the state, offering a collective advantage.

Furthermore, the president holds the power to prevent one chief in the state from attacking another chief, helping to maintain peace and order among state members.

Personal Rewards

At the conclusion of the Sunfire Castle Battle, individual members who actively took part in the event receive nice rewards. These rewards consist of rare Chief Charm upgrade items like Charm Guides and Charm Designs, along with helpful speedup items and additional resources.

The rewards you earn depend on the personal points you gather during the Castle Battle, which you can obtain in three ways: carnage points, occupation points, and casualty points.

Carnage points come from defeating enemies during the struggle for the castle and turrets. Occupation points are determined by the strength of your troops when occupying the castle or turrets. Casualty points are given based on the number of troops that get injured during the battle.

In terms of point value, casualty points provide the most personal points, followed by occupation points, and then carnage points.

Castle Battle Rules

  1. Castle Battles happen once every two weeks.
  2. The battle goes on for 8 hours. The Alliance that manages to hold the Sunfire Castle for 4 consecutive hours wins. If no Alliance achieves this, the one that held it the longest will be declared the victor.
  3. The turret’s attack grows stronger the longer you control it, making it a bigger threat to the defenders of Sunfire Castle.
  4. The leader of the winning alliance can choose any alliance member as the President within the first two hours. If they don’t make a choice in time, the Alliance Leader becomes the President. If the previous President is from the winning alliance, they are re-elected automatically.
  5. Two hours before the event, all cities within the Sunfire Castle Alert Zone are randomly teleported. To join the battle, you can teleport your city to the Alert Zone from 1 hour before the event until it ends. Doing this deactivates your city’s shield, and you can’t reactivate it.

Castle Battle Tips

To win the castle, there are two methods: either hold it for four consecutive hours uncontested or maintain control for the longest time within the eight-hour window.

Now, about those four turrets that deal 2% casualty damage: they recharge every minute, but if another alliance takes them over, the recharge time resets to five minutes.

Importantly, if the castle and turrets are occupied by the same alliance, the turrets won’t harm the castle unless another alliance takes control of them.

It’s a crucial choice, though, as only one march can be sent at a time, so you must decide whether to focus on capturing the castle or the turrets.

Here’s another thing to consider: when one alliance takes a turret and no one else contests it, the recharge time decreases from five minutes to one minute.

The damage dealt by the turrets doesn’t earn any points, but it can result in troop losses. For example, if you have 100,000 Tier 9 troops, you could lose 7,700 troops in a single minute if all the turrets are lost.

Now, one strategic approach involves having your strongest player go for Sunfire Castle, while other strong players in your alliance rally to the turret to refresh it every 5 minutes.

This works well when your alliance greatly outmatches the opposing alliance. However, if the power balance between alliances is relatively even, you might need to form a partnership with another alliance to seize the castle.

In this scenario, the strongest players from each alliance launch consecutive rallies to attack the castle until it falls, while the ally occupies the turret to prevent it from attacking the castle.

This tactic increases your odds of victory, but it requires regularly swapping castles with your ally every two weeks to execute effectively.

Let’s take the first strategy as an example, where the five strongest players from different alliances rally to attack your alliance. However, if the rally leader in the castle is more powerful, you only need to supply troops to fill the rally, as the battle outcome primarily depends on troop numbers.

In the second strategy, if the alliances are closely matched in power, there’s a high likelihood that another alliance might capture and occupy the castle.

Credits: Thanks to King from the Whiteout Survival Discord server for these amazing tips.


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