Fortress Battle

Fortress Battle is an exciting event in Whiteout Survival where Alliances engage in battles to capture the Fortress and earn valuable rewards. This event unfolds over the course of 8 phases during a season. When the season ends, Alliances receive rewards based on the points they’ve obtained throughout the season.

Sign-up Phase

In the sign-up phase, Alliance leaders, specifically those ranked as R4 and higher, have the opportunity to register their Alliance for participation in both fortress and stronghold battles.

Meanwhile, Alliance members are given the freedom to select three different time slots when they’d like to take part in the event. The opposing Alliance follows a similar process.

Once these preferences are gathered, the game’s system automatically determines the most popular time slots selected by both Alliances and schedules the battle accordingly. This ensures a convenient and fair scheduling process for all participants.

Battle Phase

When the battle phase kicks off, those who have signed up are given the chance to deploy their troops to capture the fortress. Additionally, members have the option to send their troops to garrison a fortress once it has been successfully captured.

If your Alliance had successfully captured a fortress in the previous phase, your troops will automatically be assigned to garrison that particular fort.

In order to gain complete control of a fortress, your Alliance must successfully maintain its occupation for a continuous 30-minute period during this 2-hour battle phase.

If, by the end of the battle, no Alliance has been able to continuously hold the fortress for 30 minutes, control of the fortress will be awarded to the last Alliance that managed to occupy it. This makes sure that a decisive outcome is reached.

Fortress Battle unfolds over 8 distinct phases within a season. Your Alliance earns season points for successfully capturing a fortress or a stronghold during each of these phases. The system awards 1 point for gaining control of a fortress and 2 points for securing a stronghold.


Fortress Battle is a rewarding event that players shouldn’t miss if they’re looking to advance quickly in the game. Every participant in this event is eligible for participation rewards and member rewards.

Furthermore, Alliance Leaders, including R4s and higher-ranking members, have the authority to distribute additional rewards known as Allocatable Rewards to their fellow members.

When you defeat the Phaethon Mercenaries at the Fortress, you earn a Warrior’s Chest containing gems, training speedups, and Hero XP. By successfully gaining control of a Fortress, you receive an Ally’s Chest, containing gems, construction and research speedups, and resources.

Additionally, Alliance Leaders can provide Ruler’s Chests, which include Platinum Keys, speedups, and more resources to aid in your progression.

After the event concludes and your Alliance gains complete control of a fortress—whether by a continuous 30-minute hold or being the last Alliance to possess it—every participant is eligible to receive a Controller’s Chest. This special chest contains Keys and Hero XP, rewarding the efforts of all those who contributed to the successful capture and control of the fortress.

Facts about Fortress Battle

  • During the Fortress Event battle phase, you can’t leave the Alliance, but you can do so in the registration phase.
  • Alliance Leaders and R4s cannot kick members during the battle phase.
  • Leaving or getting kicked from the Alliance has a one-day restriction.
  • Registration for Fortress Battle is available only for Alliances at level 4 and higher.
  • Rewards for defeating Phaethon Mercenaries (Warrior’s Chest) go to the first occupying Rally of the Fortress.
  • March Accelerator can be used for solo marches, but not for rallies during Fortress Battle.
  • Once signed up for Fortress Battle (or auto-signed up), cancellation is not an option.
  • Troops can be lost during Fortress Battle if the Infirmary reaches its maximum capacity, so have healing speedups ready.
  • Relocating your Alliance during Fortress Battle is unnecessary; you can teleport your city to the battlefield and then back to Alliance Territory after the battle.
  • Participation rewards are received via in-game mail.


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