Foundry Battle

The Foundry Battle is a special event in Whiteout Survival where two Alliances (with similar troop strength) compete to capture important buildings known as Facilities. This battle event lasts for a total of 1 hour, and each Alliance can choose the time that suits them best to participate.

The victor of the Foundry Battle is determined by the total number of Arsenal Points each Alliance has obtained. The Alliance with the greater number of Arsenal Points is declared the winner.

Both participating Alliances receive Arsenal Tokens, which they can spend in the Foundry Shop. However, the winning Alliance receives a larger share of these tokens compared to the losing Alliance.

Arsenal Tokens hold great value as they can be used to purchase rare items like Chief Charms and Gear upgrade materials.

Requirements for Foundry Battle

To participate in the Foundry Battle, there are a few simple requirements you need to meet:

  1. Alliance Membership: First and foremost, you must be a member of an Alliance.
  2. Timely Alliance Joining: You must have joined your Alliance before the registration period for the Foundry Battle concluded. If you join the Alliance after this period, you won’t be eligible to take part in this event.
  3. Furnace Level: Your Furnace level must be at least level 16. This ensures that you have the necessary resources and capabilities to engage in the battle.

In addition to the requirements for joining the Foundry Battle event, there are specific requirements to enter the battlefield and engage in attacking facilities. These conditions include:

  1. Ensure that none of your troops are currently deployed for scouting, gathering, attacking, garrisoning, or any other activities outside the battlefield.
  2. Make sure your city’s Barricade is not burning.
  3. Ensure that you have no injured troops in the infirmary.
  4. Do not have any reinforcements in place.

In the Foundry Battle, a total of 30 Alliance Members are allowed to participate. Additionally, there’s room for 10 Alliance Members to register as substitutes. These substitutes can enter the battle three minutes after the Foundry Battle event starts.

Types of Facilities

In the Foundry Battle, there are a total of 11 facilities that your Alliance can aim to control. Several of these facilities offer beneficial perks to your alliance when successfully controlled.

Imperial Foundry

“The empire is no more, but its Foundry still stands! Occupy it to obtain new weapons of war and Arsenal Points.”

PointsFirst ControlOngoing Occupation
Alliance Aresnal Points9000+1800/min
Personal Aresnal Points4500+900/min

Prototype Sites

“Many of the Foundry’s most famous weapons were tested in one of two Prototype Sites to the southwest and northeast.”

PointsFirst ControlOngoing Occupation
Alliance Aresnal Points6000+1200/min
Personal Aresnal Points3000+600/min

Repair Facilities

“Four smaller installations used to repair the Foundry’s equipment, located in the different corners of the facility.”

PointsFirst ControlOngoing Occupation
Alliance Aresnal Points3000+600/min
Personal Aresnal Points1500+300/min

Munitions Warehouse

“The old Munitions Warehouse was a storage site for Foundry cannons and “behemoths”. Surely whoever controls the warehouse and its relics shall enjoy a great advantage.”

PointsFirst ControlOngoing Occupation
Alliance Aresnal Points1200+240/min
Personal Aresnal Points600+120/min

Mercenary Camp

“Mercenaries are always to be found wherever rumors of war and riches abound. Control Mercenary Camp to dispatch up to four increasingly damaging strike teams against an enemy building, reducing enemy’s Attack and Defense.”

PointsFirst ControlOngoing Occupation
Alliance Aresnal Points1200+240/min
Personal Aresnal Points600+120/min

Transit Station

“An essential transit hub for the Foundry, seize it to enjoy a shorter cooldown time for the free Advanced Teleporter.”

PointsFirst ControlOngoing Occupation
Alliance Aresnal Points1200+240/min
Personal Aresnal Points600+120/min

Boiler Room

“The Boiler Room still works, miraculously! Take control to increase your Arsenal Point gains and obtain an additional battlefield boost.”

PointsFirst ControlOngoing Occupation
Alliance Aresnal Points1200+240/min
Personal Aresnal Points600+120/min

Tips for Foundry Battle

The Foundry Battle is an important event due to its massive rewards. Proper preparation in advance is essential for success. Here’s how to get ready:

  1. Stay Informed: Keep a close watch on the in-game event calendar to stay updated on the date and time of the next Foundry Battle.
  2. Train Strong Troops: Ensure that you train powerful troops, at least at Tier-7 or Tier-8, before the Foundry Battle event approaches. Strong troops are necessary for a competitive edge.
  3. Gather Healing Speedups: Collect troop healing speedups. These will allow you to quickly heal your troops, ensuring they’re ready for the next battle.
  4. Stock Advanced Teleports: These will enable you to easily move to desired locations during the Foundry Battle.

In addition to early preparation, creating a solid game plan at the start of the Foundry Battle is also important.

Coordinate and Plan

At the start of the Foundry Battle, it’s recommended to have clear communication with your fellow Alliance members. Work together to develop a coordinated plan for the battle. Have open discussions to determine and agree upon the facilities that should be prioritized for capture.

By collaborating and aligning strategies, your Alliance can efficiently allocate efforts to secure key facilities, increasing the chances of success in the Foundry Battle. Coordination and a well-thought-out plan are fundamental to achieving a victory in Foundry Battle.

Focus on Buff Facilities

At the beginning of the battle, prioritize capturing facilities that offer beneficial buffs. This strategic move will allow you to earn Arsenal Points more efficiently.

By focusing on facilities that provide advantageous effects for your alliance, you improve your chances of success and strengthen your position in the Foundry Battle.

Secure Arsenal Points

Once you have the perk facilities, shift your focus to capturing facilities that offer the most Arsenal Points. Work as a cohesive team to seize and maintain control over these high-value facilities.

By implementing this strategy, you can optimize your Arsenal Point gains and increase your chances of success in the Foundry Battle. Teamwork and effective communication play a major role in achieving victory and earning those massive rewards.

Facts about Foundry Battle

  1. Alliance Loyalty: Once the Foundry Battle’s registration period ends, members are unable to leave their Alliance until the event concludes. This ensures commitment and fairness during the battle.
  2. Infinite Infirmary Space: Troop losses are prevented with unlimited Infirmary capacity during the Foundry Battle, allowing you to focus on gameplay without worrying about casualties.
  3. Quick Fire Control: Cities can catch fire faster during the Foundry Battle, making it important to quickly extinguish fires to avoid random teleports.
  4. Cooldown for Leaving: If you leave the battlefield, a 12-minute cooldown is imposed before you can rejoin the battle.
  5. Persistent Bonuses: VIP, technology, Chief Gear, and skin bonuses remain active if activated before joining the battlefield, providing a tactical advantage to players.


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