Frostfire Mine

Frostfire Mine is a special event in Whiteout Survival where your goal is to venture into the mine and battle for a rare metal known as Orichalcum. The event offers a range of rewards, which you’ll earn based on how well you perform.

These rewards include Avatar Frames, Charm Designs, Charm Guides, gems, and resources. Your success in the Frostfire Mine determines the extent of these rewards.


The Solaris Dynasty in its prime had an elite troop that was invincible. Their winning secret was the material they used to make their weapons and armor — Orichalcum.

This mysterious metal is extremely hard but is as light as a feather, with a malleability that is second to none. Blades made of this metal can easily cut through steel and iron. This metal is only produced in a place called Frostfire Mine.

As the secret mine has been discovered by Phaethon and Chiefs like you, the fire of war will soon melt the boundless snow there.

How to Play

During the Frostfire Mine event, your main task is to take control of veins within the mine to collect Orichalcum. The higher the level of a vein you occupy, the quicker you can gather this precious metal.

Keep an eye out for Vein Outbursts as well; they pop up from time to time and are even more efficient at gathering Orichalcum compared to the common veins.

The Smelter in the Frostfire Mine holds great importance. The longer you control it during the event, the more Orichalcum you’ll receive when it concludes. You will have unlimited troops and you won’t lose them in case they are defeated. Their levels will match the highest trainable troop level you’ve attained.

While you’re in Frostfire Mine, you can’t launch attacks on other Chiefs’ Cities. However, you can still target and attack their veins, even if they belong to your Alliance.

If you face a defeat in Frostfire Mine, your deployed Heroes won’t be available for battle for a 5-minute cooldown period.

You have access to the Advanced Teleporter within the mine for free. After using it, there’s a cooldown, but you can use additional Advanced Teleporters during this time.

If you leave the Squad during the event, you can return via the Frostfire Mine page in the Event Center, and your Squad status remains unchanged. However, while you’re away, you can’t scout or send troops to the wilderness.

Your tech research stats, VIP benefits, items, and skin bonuses continue to be effective while you’re in Frostfire Mine.

Frostfire Skill

When the Frostfire Mine event kicks off, and you step into the mine, you can engage in battles against Mine Patrols. These encounters will earn you Frostfire XP, which can then be used to enhance your Frostfire Skills.

To acquire a Frostfire Skill, you must gather a specific amount of Frostfire XP, with the amount varying depending on the skill level. Higher-level skills demand more XP.

At each skill level, you’ll encounter two branches in the Frostfire Skill tree. However, you can only choose and learn one branch for each skill level.

Once you’ve made your choice, it’s a permanent decision, and you can’t alter it later. It’s worth noting that any Frostfire XP you gain will reset at the conclusion of the Frostfire Mine event.



Chiefs who have reached Furnace level 16 or higher can select their preferred battle time during registration, and they can also change it before the registration period concludes. If you happen to miss a battle, don’t worry; you can still sign up for upcoming battles.


Once the registration period has concluded, Chiefs who have enlisted for the upcoming battle will be sorted into groups for matchmaking.

Enter Battlefield

Once the matchmaking process is finished, you can enter the Frostfire Mine battlefield at the specific battle time you’ve chosen during sign-up. However, it’s important to ensure that none of your troops are sent out on any rallies or battles before entering the battlefield.


Once the waiting time has elapsed, you have the freedom to move around the battlefield as you please. You can take control of veins of various levels to gather Orichalcum, and each battle spans a duration of 30 minutes.

Make sure to organize your squads strategically to make the most of your harvest.

Towards the latter part of the battle, the Smelter will become available. When the event concludes, your ranking will be determined by how long you’ve held the Smelter, and you’ll receive an appropriate amount of Orichalcum based on your performance.


Level 1 Vein

An Orichalcum vein with simple mining facilities. Orichalcum output and mining efficiency are low. Guarded by a small number of guards.

Level 2 Vein

An Orichalcum vein with good mining facilities. Orichalcum output and mining efficiency are average. Guarded by quite a number of guards.

Level 3 Vein

An Orichalcum vein with premium mining facilities. Orichalcum output and mining efficiency are excellent. Guarded by a large troop of guards.

Vein Outbrust

A natural vein that appears randomly on the earth’s surface due to unstable geological conditions. An enormous amount of liquid Orichalcum will spurt out from it.


A sizable smelting facility constructed by the Phaethon. It is the core of the Frostfire Mine. Occupying it will give you access to key information on the forging of Orichalcum. The Chief that occupies it for the longest time will obtain abundant Orichalcum as reward.


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