Bear Hunting Guide

Surviving in the frozen world of Whiteout Survival can be tough, but it’s an exciting challenge. As a member of an alliance, I’ve faced many difficulties and successes while hunting the powerful raging bear.

Together, we’ve learned strategies, improved our rally tactics, and made our heroes stronger to win battles. In this article, I’ll share the wisdom of my alliance, giving you a complete guide to mastering the art of bear hunting in Whiteout Survival. Let’s get started!

The Raging Bear Hunt and Its Rewards

After achieving the “Kindling Embers” goal, alliances can build a hunting trap and experience the thrilling event of hunting the Raging Bear. This exciting event is started by R4 or R5 members every two days, and the whole alliance gets only 30 minutes to defeat the massive beast.

Joining this event is essential for alliance growth as it provides important resources for enhancing Hero Gears.

Preparation is Key

To have a successful bear hunt, preparation is important. Make sure all alliance members know the event time in advance. New members must wait for 48 hours before joining the event.

Additionally, your alliance needs to be at least level 5 to build the event building and unlock the hunting event for everyone. By being well-prepared, your alliance will be ready to take on the challenge of hunting the Raging Bear.

Strength in Numbers

Rallying is all about teamwork, so coordination with your alliance members is essential. Let the strongest players lead the rally, and others should join to increase the attack power.

By working together, your alliance can mount a powerful and united front to take down the powerful Raging Bear!

Efficient Rally Management

It’s important to prioritize filling existing rallies before creating new ones. This way, you can gather more strength for each rally.

To make the most of the bear trap event, try scheduling it when a significant number of alliance members can be online. This will ensure maximum participation and increase the overall damage output, making the bear hunt even more successful!

Troop Selection

When hunting the Raging Bear, it’s best to use your highest-tier units first because they deal the most damage. Remember that different troop classes have varying attack values: Marksman > Lancer > Infantry.

So, prioritize sending your strongest troops, starting with Marksman, this will make it easier for your Alliance to defeat the Raging Bear.

Optimize Hero Skills

As a rally leader, it’s recommended to place heroes with damage abilities in the first skill slot. This is because the hero skills of a rally leader will impact the rally’s performance.

By prioritizing damage-dealing abilities in the first slot, you can boost the rally’s overall effectiveness and increase your chances of defeating the Raging Bear. So, remember to choose your heroes and their skills wisely.

Use your Strongest Heroes

To maximize the power of your rally, remember that the rally leader’s stats play an important role. To boost the rally’s strength, rally leaders should equip powerful heroes.

By having stronger heroes leading the way, the rally will become more potent, increasing your chances of success in battles, such as when hunting the Raging Bear. Make sure to select the best heroes for the job and use the full potential of your alliance’s rally power!

Consolidated Power

Coordinating with your alliance to launch a single, larger rally is important for overpowering the enemy. A single rally with a larger attack power has a better chance of defeating the Raging Bear compared to two smaller rallies with equal power.

By combining forces into one powerful rally, you can concentrate your strength and make a more significant impact on the opponent, whether it’s during bear hunting or other challenging events in the frozen world of Whiteout Survival.

Work together as a team, and success will be within reach!

Strategic Location

To maximize your alliance’s participation and damage output during bear hunting, rally leaders should position their cities as close to the bear trap as possible. By reducing marching time, you provide your alliance members with more opportunities to join other rallies quickly.

This way, your alliance can contribute effectively to multiple rallies and achieve higher damage output, increasing the chances of a successful bear hunt.


As I’ve navigated the frozen world of Whiteout Survival with my dedicated alliance, we’ve refined our strategies and developed an efficient bear-hunting guide.

By preparing well, coordinating effectively, and optimizing hero skills and troop selection, we’ve successfully taken down the Raging Bear multiple times, securing a huge amount of important resources.

Remember, communication, teamwork, and a bit of strategy are key to mastering the art of bear hunting in Whiteout Survival. I hope these tips and personal insights help you and your alliance embark on a path of survival in this challenging realm. Good luck, fellow survivors!


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