Can you Teleport to another State?

Many Whiteout Survival players often ask if they can teleport themselves away to a different state. Most of them have a strong desire to unlock those higher-generation heroes and stay up to date with the latest game features without waiting for a long time.

The straightforward answer is that, under usual circumstances, you can’t just teleport to another state in Whiteout Survival. However, there is a glimmer of hope for those seeking such an adventure during the State of Power event.

Let’s look deeper into the details of state teleportation.

Cross-State Teleport During SVS

The State of Power event, also referred to as SVS or State vs State, presents a special opportunity to teleport to another state. During the Battle Phase of this event, players can indeed teleport to the opposing state, but there’s a catch.

To make this teleportation happen, you’ll need a special item called a cross-state teleporter, and these are provided exclusively during SVS. You’re given only three of these cross-state teleporters for the entire duration of the event.

However, this special opportunity is limited to traveling to the state your own state is facing during the State of Power event. So, you can’t freely bounce between states in the game, just the one your state is battling against during SVS.

Once you’ve successfully made the teleport to the other state during this event, you can start attacking the cities of fellow players residing in that specific state.

Create new Character for another State

When it comes to teleporting to another state in Whiteout Survival, the most reliable option is to create a new character within the state you desire to relocate to. Here’s how you can make it happen: Begin by visiting your profile and look for the settings button. From there, navigate to the characters section and choose to create a new character within the state where you intend to teleport.

If your primary goal is to unlock access to all the heroes, your best option is to aim for states with lower numbers, such as State 1 or similar early ones. These early states provide access to all the heroes, making it a wise choice for many players.

A critical consideration to bear in mind is that you can create a maximum of two characters in each state, as long as that state isn’t already overcrowded with players.

Once you’ve successfully created a new character in your desired state, you’ll have the convenience of switching between your older and newer characters. However, your new character will be starting from scratch. This means you’ll need to invest time and effort, often taking several months, to build up your character’s strength, resources, and achievements all over again.

A big downside to this approach is that your city can be seen as an easy target by other, more established players within the state. The reason is that they’ve had the time and resources to become powerful, and newer players are often seen as more vulnerable.


In conclusion, the possibility of teleporting to another state in Whiteout Survival is quite limited. While the State of Power event, offers a chance to teleport to the opposing state during the Battle Phase, this is a temporary and controlled feature, made possible by cross-state teleporters provided during SVS.

For a more permanent solution, creating a new character in the state you wish to move to is an option. However, this choice comes with its own set of challenges. Your new character starts from scratch, requiring you to invest time and effort to rebuild your city.

When considering a state change, it’s essential to weigh the benefits against the potential risks and challenges. Good luck!


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