Exploration Lineup Guide for Beginners

Many new players in Whiteout Survival often ask about the best exploration lineup for winning battles. In this article, we will look into a set of helpful tips and recommendations to enhance your performance during exploration battles.

Understanding Exploration Skills

The first key aspect to grasp about the game’s exploration mode involves understanding Exploration Skills. Each hero has two skill categories: Exploration Skills and Expedition Skills.

Exploration Skills come into play during Exploration Battles in Exploration Mode and Arena Battles. To familiarize yourself with these skills, navigate to the Heroes tab, select your preferred hero, and explore their skills menu.

It’s important to carefully study and comprehend what each skill contributes to battles. Obtaining knowledge about these Exploration Skills will help you in crafting a better lineup for Exploration Mode.

Furthermore, you have the option to upgrade a hero’s Exploration Skills by using Exploration Manuals, thus improving their overall performance.

Class Damage Bonus

Another important aspect to grasp before creating your Exploration Lineup is understanding the damage bonuses that each hero class holds over another. For example, Infantry heroes deal additional damage on Lancers, while Lancers are particularly effective against Marksmen, and Marksmen excel in dealing extra damage to Infantry.

Due to these dynamics, it’s advantageous to compose a lineup that comprises a mix of heroes from all these classes. Tailor your lineup based on the arrangement of enemy heroes.

When an enemy’s front row features an Infantry hero, deploying your own Infantry hero can slow down their progress. Additionally, positioning a Marksman behind your Infantry can capitalize on the damage bonus and improve your overall strategy.

Hero Escorts

Hero Escorts refer to the troops that accompany a hero in Exploration Battles, and they play a big role in securing victories in both Exploration and Arena Battles. These escorts belong to the same class as the hero they accompany.

For instance, if your hero is a Lancer, they will be accompanied by Lancer Escorts. The number of escorts a hero has increases as you upgrade them, which, in turn, boosts their chances of success in battles.

Keep in mind that a hero can have a maximum of 10 escorts, which become available once the hero reaches level 70.

Therefore, prioritize upgrading your heroes to not only increase their escorts but also improve their individual statistics for a more powerful battle performance.

Best Early Exploration Lineup

Now that we have understood some of the key aspects of the Exploration Battles, it is time to devise a good Exploration Lineup.

Early Game Free to Play #1

First Line: Sergey, Smith

Second Line: Molly, Bahiti, Charlie

During the early stages of the game, especially for players who are opting for a free-to-play approach, a better strategy is to position Sergey and Smith in the first line, followed by Molly, Bahiti, and Charlie in the second line.

This particular lineup includes a variety of hero classes, ensuring that the damage bonuses associated with each class are preserved.

Sergey and Smith, acting as infantry, serve as frontline damage absorbers, diverting enemy attention and attacks. Meanwhile, the three heroes positioned behind them use ranged attacks to eliminate opposing heroes, leveraging the advantage of their respective classes.

Early Game Free to Play #2

First Line: Jessie, Sergey

Second Line: Gina, Molly, Bahiti (or Seo-yoon)

After unlocking Gina and Jessie (typically achievable within a few days of playing the game) using these heroes in your Exploration Lineup is a smart move.

Jessie, belonging to the Lancer Class, excels in dealing area-of-effect damage, allowing her to eliminate multiple escorts simultaneously. Additionally, she has a good amount of health.

On the other hand, Gina, a Marksman, has an area-of-effect damage capability through her special ability, and her class offers a damage bonus against Infantry.

In this enhanced lineup, Jessie and Sergey primarily absorb the incoming damage while Gina, Bahiti, and Molly position themselves behind to deliver ranged damage, taking advantage of the protective frontline.

Early Game Pay to Win

First Line: Jeronimo, Natalia

Second Line: Zinman, Molly, Bahiti (or Seo-yoon)

For players who opt to invest in the game (often referred to as pay-to-win players), using Legendary Heroes becomes an advantageous choice for their lineup.

Particularly, heroes like Jeronimo, Natalia, and Zinman from the first generation are notably powerful and available right from the start. These heroes can be unlocked by spending real money, granting a significant edge in battles.

Jeronimo and Natalia, both belonging to the Infantry Class, work great when positioned in the first line. To maximize their performance, placing Zinman, Molly, and Bahiti behind them allows for a strategic advantage, leading to more straightforward victories against opponents.


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