Is extra Construction Queue worth it?

Normally, in Whiteout Survival, you can only begin one upgrade at a time. However, if you want to start two upgrades simultaneously, you have the option to either temporarily unlock an extra construction queue using gems or buy it permanently from the in-game shop.

This extra construction queue enables you to start two upgrades at a time. The question is: is it a worthwhile investment?

Extra Construction Queue is worth it.

There are two main reasons why getting the extra construction queue is recommended. Firstly, if you go for the temporary construction queue, you’ll be spending 1000 gems for every two days of temporary access. These gems could be better spent on other valuable items like VIP XP and the Lucky Wheel, which we’ve highlighted in our “best ways to spend gems” guide.

Secondly, the extra construction queue comes at a relatively cheaper cost of $2.99, and when you purchase the “Construction Queue Pack,” you also receive additional items such as gems, speedups, 1500 VIP XP, and more. This bundle makes the extra construction queue a worthwhile investment.

Extra Construction Queue’s impact on the city’s growth

Having the Extra Construction Queue can greatly accelerate your progress towards higher Furnace levels and the expansion of your city. Ordinarily, you’d be limited to starting one upgrade at a time and waiting for it to finish.

However, with the Extra Construction Queue, whether temporary or permanent, you can start two upgrades simultaneously. This essentially allows you to expand your city at twice the speed compared to having just one construction queue.

This benefit applies to both the temporary and permanent Extra Construction Queue options, making it another compelling reason to consider investing in it.


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