Troop Training vs Troop Promotion

Many Whiteout Survival players often face a dilemma: should they train new troops or promote existing ones? Once your Military Camps reach level 13, you gain the option to promote troops. This choice can be puzzling, causing confusion among players who struggle to choose between training new troops or promoting older ones.

If you don’t have sufficient troops to fill all your marching slots, it is recommended to train new troops. On the other hand, if you already have enough troops for your marching slots, consider promoting lower-tier troops to higher tiers.

Infirmary Issues

Once you’ve gathered enough troops to fill all your marches, it becomes necessary to promote lower-tier troops.

This strategy will help you prevent overloading your Infirmary with low-tier troops. This is important because if your Infirmary becomes filled with low-tier troops, it might result in your higher-tier troops not getting the medical attention they need and you would end up losing them.

To avoid this situation, it is recommended to promote your troops to higher tiers when you realize your Infirmary might not have enough space for all your troops.

By upgrading your troops, you can decrease the number of low-tier soldiers, ensuring that your higher-tier troops can receive proper medical care if they get injured.

Intel and Beast Missions

For new players, training troops can offer valuable advantages. It enables you to quickly organize multiple marches and rallies, which is particularly advantageous for completing Intel and Beast Missions.

With a substantial troop count, you can conveniently fill multiple marches, enhancing your ability to complete Intel Missions.

Moreover, being part of an Alliance also benefits from training new troops. It allows you to actively contribute to rallies by sending various troop formations. This contribution not only aids you but also benefits your Alliance as a whole.

Troop Tier Considerations

The number of troops you can promote is influenced by the gap in levels between your highest-tier troops. For example, if your highest-tier troops are at level 6 and you aim to promote level 1 troops to level 6, you’ll have a smaller group of troops eligible for promotion.

On the other hand, if you’re upgrading level 5 troops to level 6 within the same situation, you’ll be able to promote a fairly larger number of troops. Remember this, as it can be advantageous when getting ready for events that demand improved troop strength.


During the Hall of Chiefs event, particularly on troop training days, a clever strategy is to prioritize promoting troops over training them. This is because promoting troops yields more points in this specific event compared to simply training them.

In preparation for events such as Beast Hunting, Castle Battle, and Crazy Joe, it’s recommended to start the process of promoting lower-level troops. This is because higher-level troops offer more substantial stat boosts compared to the lower-level ones.


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