Chief’s House and Chief Order

When you upgrade your Furnace to level 6, you unlock a new building called Chief’s House. To use the Chief’s House, you have to build it first, which only takes a few seconds. Once it’s built, you can give Chief Orders to enjoy some benefits in your city.


To start a Chief Order, you just need to collect Contentment, which is pretty easy to get. Your survivors earn Contentment while they work, and if you upgrade your resource buildings and provide them with all the necessary tools, you’ll get even more Contentment.

The more survivors you have working, the more Contentment you’ll receive.

Additionally, if you need a quick boost, you can buy 50,000 Contentment for 50 gems by going to the Chief’s House and tapping on the Contentment icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Chief Order

In the Chief’s House, there are six Chief Orders you can activate, each offering specific benefits. Every Chief Order comes with a cooldown period. Let’s explore all Chief Orders one by one.

Urgent Mobilization

Effect: Force survivors at all worksites to work for 48 hours (Survivor Time), -10 Mood for all survivors.

Cooldown: 8 hours

Cost: 50,000 Contentment

Rush Job

Effect: Gives 5 days’ worth of resources from all worksites (Survivor Time).

Cooldown: 1 day

Cost: 150,000 Contentment

Comprehensive Care

Effect: Heals all sick survivors in the city instantly.

Cooldown: 4 hours

Cost: 150,000 Contentment

Double Time

Effect: The “Double Time” Chief Order cuts the upgrade time for a new construction by 20%. To make it work, activate it before you begin a new upgrade—it doesn’t work on existing upgrades. This Chief Order stays active for 5 minutes, so any new construction you start during this time will have a 20% reduction in upgrade time.

Cooldown: 1 day

Cost: 800,000 Contentment

Productivity Day

Effect: +100% Output across all resource worksites for 24 hours (Survivor Time), -10 Mood for all survivors.

Cooldown: 12 hours

Cost: 50,000 Contentment


Effect: +50 Mood and +30 Comfort during a Day of City Festivities (Survivor Time).

Cooldown: 1 day

Cost: 50,000 Contentment

How to get the most out of the Chief Order?

Many players miss out on valuable benefits by not using Chief Orders. One important Chief Order, “Double Time,” cuts upgrade time by 20%. To maximize its effect, activate it before starting an upgrade.

Also, if you have the Hyena Pet with the “Builder’s Aide” skill, its effect stacks with “Double Time” to further reduce construction time.

Don’t forget the notification bell in each Chief Order. Press it to receive a notification when the Chief Order cooldown ends. Use Chief Orders whenever you can, but be careful with “Double Time”—activate it only before beginning a new upgrade to minimize upgrade time. The rest of the Chief Orders can be activated at any time.


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