Embassy Whiteout Survival


The Embassy plays a major role in Whiteout Survival as an Alliance Building. It allows you to both receive and offer Ally Assists to your Alliance members. Ally Assists are a form of help from your fellow Alliance members that can reduce the time needed for research, construction, and healing troops.

You can access the Embassy once your Furnace reaches level 8. When unlocked, the Embassy becomes the second most important building in your city.

This is because, once you’ve reached Furnace level 8, you’ll need to upgrade the Embassy to the same level as your Furnace in order to continue upgrading the Furnace.

Perks of Embassy Upgrades

When you upgrade your Embassy, it improves several important aspects: Ally Assists, Ally Help Time, Reinforce Capacity, and Power. A higher-level Embassy allows you to receive more Ally Assists, which in turn reduces upgrade and healing time.

Ally Help Time refers to the seconds of assistance your allies can send you. As you upgrade the Embassy, this time increases, meaning you receive more help than before.

Reinforce Capacity represents the number of troops your Alliance can send to reinforce your city’s defense and increase its strength.

All these perks highlight the importance of upgrading your Embassy. Therefore, make upgrading your Embassy a priority whenever you have the opportunity.

Embassy Upgrade Requirements

LevelFurnace Level RequiredUpgrade TimeAlly AssistsAlly Help TimeReinforce CapacityWoodMeatCoalIron
482m4198,000900N/A180 N/A
586m 40s52211,5003.8kN/A760 N/A
6813m 20s62515,0009.6kN/A1.9k480
7825m72819,00034k N/A6.9k1.7k
8845m83124,00063k N/A 12k3.1k
992h92429,500130k N/A 26k6.5k
10103h 57m 30s102735,500230kN/A46k11k
11114h 57m114043,500260k260k52k13k
12125h 56m124352,000330k330k67k16k
13137h 15m 30s134662,000470k470k95k23k
14149h 14m144973,500630k630k120k31k
151511h 52m 30s155287,500930k930k180k46k
161619h 43m 20s1655105,0001.1M1.1M230k59k
17171d 8m1758120,0001.8M1.8M370k93k
18181d 4h 58m1861140,0002.5M2.5M500k120k
19191d 19h 27m1964165,0003.1M3.1M620k150k
20202d 6h 19m2067195,0004.3M4.3M860k210k
21212d 22h 36m2170225,0005.4M5.4M1M270k
22224d 9h 55m2273260,0007.2M7.2M1.4M360k
23236d 4h 17m2376305,0008.9M8.9M1.7M440k
24248d 15h 36m2479350,00012M12M2.4M600k
252512d 2h 38m2582400,00016M16M3.2M810k
262613d 22h 14m2685470,00021M21M4.2M1M
272716d 17h 5m2788550,00029M29M5.9M1.4M
282819d 5h 15m2891630,00039M39M7.9M1.9M
292922d 2h 26m2994725,00049M49M9.8M2.4M
303026d 12h 32m3097840,00060M60M12M3M
Embassy Upgrade Requirements (Data by WhyBanditWhy)

Fire Crystal Upgrades

Once your Embassy reaches level 30, you have the option to upgrade it even further using Fire Crystals. These upgrades won’t increase Ally Assists or Ally Help Time, but they will greatly boost your Reinforce Capacity.

Additionally, these upgrades provide a stunning new fiery appearance to the building, which adds to its appeal.

UpgradeFurnace Level RequiredUpgrade TimeAlly AssistsAlly Help TimeReinforce CapacityFire CrystalsMeatWoodCoalIron
30-1FC14d 14h 52m3097845,0003313M13M2.7M670k
30-2FC14d 14h 52m3097850,0003313M13M2.7M670k
30-3FC14d 14h 52m3097855,0003313M13M2.7M670k
30-4FC14d 14h 52m3097860,0003313M13M2.7M670k
FC 1FC14d 14h 52m3097865,0003313M13M2.7M670k
FC 1-1FC25d 22h 33m3097870,0003914M14M2.9M720k
FC 1-2FC25d 22h 33m3097875,0003914M14M2.9M720k
FC 1-3FC25d 22h 33m3097880,0003914M14M2.9M720k
FC 1-4FC25d 22h 33m3097885,0003914M14M2.9M720k
FC 2FC25d 22h 33m3097890,0003914M14M2.9M720k
FC 2-1FC37d 6h 14m3097895,0005915M15M3.1M790k
FC 2-2FC37d 6h 14m3097900,0005915M15M3.1M790k
FC 2-3FC37d 6h 14m3097905,0005915M15M3.1M790k
FC 2-4FC37d 6h 14m3097910,0005915M15M3.1M790k
FC 3FC37d 6h 14m3097915,0005915M15M3.1M790k
Embassy’s Fire Crystal Upgrades


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