Hall of Chiefs

The “Hall of Chiefs” is a regular event that takes place every two weeks in the first-generation servers of Whiteout Survival. This event runs for a week and is divided into 7 stages.

During each stage, you’ll need to finish specific tasks to earn points. As you reach certain point milestones, you’ll receive various rewards. The last milestone typically gives the best rewards, including a large number of gems, Mythic Expedition Manuals, and Mythic Exploration Manuals.

Honor Rankings

In addition to the rewards you earn based on your points, you can get even better rewards by competing on the leaderboards in the Hall of Chiefs event. There are two leaderboards known as “Honor Rankings.” These include the Stage Ranking and the Total Ranking.

  1. Stage Ranking: The Stage Ranking leaderboard resets daily and offers rewards to the top 100 Chiefs who have more than 50,000 points during the current stage of the Hall of Chiefs event.
  2. Total Ranking: The Total Ranking rewards are distributed at the end of the event to the top 100 Chiefs who have gathered the most points in the Hall of Chiefs event.

Keep in mind that it is hard to achieve rankings on the leaderboard without spending money on packs.

Hall of Chiefs Stages

The Hall of Chiefs event unfolds in seven stages over the course of a week. Each stage concludes at the end of the day, and within each stage, there are different tasks that allow you to earn points in exchange for rewards.

Stage 1: Power Boost

The Hall of Chiefs event begins with Stage 1, where you can earn points by improving your buildings, conducting research, and training and promoting troops. You’ll receive 30 points for each increase in your overall power achieved through these activities.

Stage 2: Hero Development

On the second day of the Hall of Chiefs event, Stage 2, known as “Hero Development,” begins. In this stage, you can complete various tasks to earn points, with the highest point rewards coming from playing the Lucky Wheel. Here’s a list of tasks you can do:

  • Play Lucky Wheel
  • Use Mythic Hero Shards
  • Use Epic Hero Shards
  • Use Rare Hero Shards
  • Gather wood, meat, iron, or coal in the wilderness.

Stage 3: Train Troops

On the third day of the Hall of Chiefs event, Stage 3 begins, known as “Train Troops.” Despite the name, you can also earn points by promoting troops during this stage.

You’ll receive more points for training or promoting higher-tier troops. To make this stage easier, you can use batch training with speedups.

Stage 4: Gather Resources

On the fourth day of the Hall of Chiefs event, Stage 4 begins, called “Gather Resources.” During this stage, you can earn points by sending your troops to gather resources like wood, meat, coal, and iron.

Additionally, conducting research in the Research Center will reward you with a higher number of points.

Stage 5: Power Boost

Stage 5 of the Hall of Chiefs event is known as “Power Boost.” During this stage, you can accumulate points by completing different tasks.

The most points can be earned by using Widgets for Exclusive Hero Gears, while the second-highest point rewards come from using Essence Stones for Mastery Forging.

Here are all the tasks you can do at this stage:

  • Use Hero Widgets for Exclusive Hero Gears
  • Use Essence Stones
  • Upgrade Buildings
  • Conduct Research
  • Promote or train troops

Stage 6: Chief Gear Upgrade

On the sixth day of the Hall of Chiefs event, Stage 6, known as “Chief Gear Upgrade,” begins. As the name implies, you can earn points during this stage by upgrading Chief Gears.

This stage can be challenging and can only be completed if you have saved items specifically for Chief Gear Upgrades.

Stage 7: Hero Development

Stage 7 is the last stage of the Hall of Chiefs event. During this stage, you can complete a variety of tasks to earn points. It’s similar to Stage 2 but does not include the Lucky Wheel task.


In conclusion, the Hall of Chiefs event in Whiteout Survival takes place over a week, spanning seven different stages. Each stage offers tasks through which you can accumulate points and earn rewards. While some stages may be easier to complete, others require specific preparations and saved items.

Participation in the event not only gives you rewards based on your points but also provides opportunities to compete on the leaderboards for better rewards such as SSR heroes and gems. It’s a challenging yet rewarding journey for Chiefs to showcase their skills in the game.


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