Barricade Whiteout Survival


The Barricade acts as your city’s primary defense in Whiteout Survival. When your city faces an attack, the Barricade will start burning, and this burning process lasts for 30 minutes. As it burns, the Barricade gradually loses health.

Each attack on your city adds an additional 30 minutes to the burning time of the Barricade. As the Barricade’s health decreases, your city becomes more vulnerable.

If the health of the Barricade reaches zero, your city will be teleported to a random location on the world map. This teleportation results in the loss of territory perks for your city.

Perks of Barricade Upgrades

Upgrading your Barricade is a smart move, as it boosts its durability greatly. Increased durability enables your Barricade to withstand more fire damage, thereby making your city far more resilient against attacks.

It’s essential to remember that when your Barricade is burning and you’re offline, it loses health at a faster rate. So, upgrading your Barricade not only improves its strength but also helps maintain its health even when you’re not actively playing.

Additionally, upgrading Barricades offers another benefit: it increases your city’s power. In the game, upgrades to both the Furnace and Barricade contribute the most to increasing your overall power.

How to Restore Barricade’s Health?

To restore the health of your Barricade, simply tap the “City Defense” button located on the Barricade. This action will redirect you to a new tab specifically for city defense options.

In this tab, you will find a button labeled “Restore Barricade.” By tapping on this button, you can initiate the process of restoring a small portion of the Barricade’s health.

Remember that there is a limitation to how often you can perform this restoration. You can only restore up to 240 health points for your Barricade every 30 minutes.

Therefore, it’s recommended to restore the health of the Barricade whenever you are online to ensure it remains in good condition and ready to defend your city.

Barricade’s Upgrade Requirements

LevelFurnace Level RequiredUpgrade TimeWoodMeatCoalIronBarricade Durability
31021m 30s88kN/A17k4.4k2,000
4131h 4m 30s420k420k84K21k5,000
5163h 39m1.4M1.4M290k74k10,000
6209h 52m 30s5.3M5.3M1M260k15,000
7241d 13h 44m15M15M3M750k20,000
8273d 55m37M37M7.4M1.8M25,000
9294d 26m61M61M12M3M30,000
10304d 19h 44m75M75M15M3.7M35,000
Barricade’s Upgrade Requirements (Data by WhyBanditWhy)

The Barricade becomes available for upgrading once your Furnace reaches level 7. It has a maximum level of 10, and you can unlock level 10 Barricade when your Furnace achieves level 30.

To upgrade your Barricade, you’ll need essential resources such as Wood, Meat, Coal, and Iron. Starting from level 4 and beyond, each upgrade to the Barricade boosts its durability by 5000 points.


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  1. That is ridiculous. There needs to be another method to upgrade the barricade faster. At my current damage and the ridiculous restriction that you put on the repairs, I would have to be logged in for 28 hours nonstop just to get my barricade back to full health. Who on your development team thought that was a good idea?

    Please come up with a faster method to repair or at least give the players a secondary avenue they can pursue.

  2. I just teleported my city and all of the damage on my barricade was restored… feels like a bug but I’ll take it


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