Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes is an exclusive event within Whiteout Survival. Here, you have the opportunity to obtain Marks of Valor, a currency that allows you to unlock Mythic Heroes.

What makes the Hall of Heroes event even more exciting is that the available heroes are closely tied to the generation of your server. Let’s break it down further:

Suppose you’re playing on a server that’s in its first generation. In that case, the heroes you can access are limited to those from the first generation – each generation introduces its own set of heroes. This rule applies all the way up to the fifth generation.

To obtain Marks of Valor, you have a couple of options. One way is to purchase them directly using gems. Alternatively, you can explore the Hall of Heroes pack section, where packs containing Marks of Valor are available for purchase.

When does the Hall of Heroes Begin?

The Hall of Heroes event is a recurring event that takes place every three weeks. It’s a bit unique in that it doesn’t appear on the regular event calendar within the game. Instead, you’ll typically find it in the special “Deals” section of the game.

When the Hall of Heroes event is active, it spans a duration of three days. During this brief window, players have a golden opportunity to acquire Mythic Heroes to improve their rallies and attacks.

This event provides a time-limited chance to make exciting additions to your hero collection which makes it a highly anticipated event.

Perks for Free-to-Play Players

The Hall of Heroes event is a fantastic opportunity for free-to-play players to access specific mythic heroes without needing to spend real money. In the game, you can gather gems relatively easily, and gems can be used to obtain Marks of Valor.

By investing 15,000 gems, you can obtain 100 Marks of Valor. These tickets can be used to purchase 10 Mythic Hero Shards which would allow you to unlock the desired Mythic Hero.

Furthermore, it’s necessary to keep in mind a key detail: when you earn Marks of Valor during Generation 1, you’ll be able to use them in the Generation 1 market during Generation 2.

However, the reverse isn’t possible – you cannot use Generation tickets in the Generation 2 market. This ensures that you can continue to benefit from your hard-earned Marks of Valor as you progress through different generations of the game.


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