Hero Shards

Hero Shards in Whiteout Survival are fragments required for upgrading heroes to higher star levels. When a hero levels up, they unlock new skills, receive stats improvements, boost their rally capabilities, and reveal fascinating backstories.

Hero Shards come in three types: Mythic Hero Shards, Epic Hero Shards, and Rare Hero Shards. To upgrade a hero from star level 1 to max, you will need a total of 1065 shards.

Star Level
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5Tier 6Total
1 11222210
2 555551540
3 151515151540115
4 4040404040100300
5 100100100100100100600
Hero Ascension Shards Requirements – Whiteout Survival

Mythic Hero Shards

Mythic Hero Shards are the most elusive and challenging hero shards to obtain in the game. They can be acquired through various means, including events, intel missions, Tundra Trading Station, the VIP shop, the Foundry shop, the Arena shop, and packs available for purchase with real money.

Mythic General Hero Shards offer flexibility by allowing you to exchange them for shards specific to the legendary hero you wish to upgrade. Additionally, there are hero-specific Mythic Hero Shards that cannot be exchanged and are automatically applied to the hero they are intended for.

Epic Hero Shards

Epic Hero Shards are essential for upgrading the star level of SR (rare) heroes like Sergey, Bahiti, and more. Fortunately, acquiring Epic Hero Shards is a bit easier compared to Mythic Hero Shards.

The most reliable way to secure Mythic Hero Shards is by hunting Polar Terrors or engaging in Epic Intel Missions. These missions offer both general and hero-specific Epic Hero Shards.

Moreover, you can obtain Epic Hero Shards through various other means, including events, shops, and packs. This variety of sources makes upgrading your SR heroes a manageable task.

Rare Hero Shards

The third category of hero shards is Rare Hero Shards, which are notably easier to obtain compared to Epic Hero Shards. These Shards are specifically meant for elevating the star levels of rare heroes such as Smith, Charlie, and others.

Rare heroes can be identified by their blue background color, which sets them apart. Likewise, Rare Hero Shards are also blue in color, making them easy to distinguish.

You can obtain Rare Hero Shards through several methods, including intel missions, shops, packs, hero recruitment, and growth missions. This accessibility ensures that upgrading the star levels of your rare heroes is a straightforward process.

What to do with excess Hero Shards?

Once you’ve completed upgrading your heroes, you’ll continue to receive hero shards from missions, events, shops, and packs. These surplus hero shards can be put to good use during the monthly Tundra Trading Station event.

At this event, you have the opportunity to exchange excess hero shards for Trade Vouchers, which can subsequently be used to obtain valuable items like Mythic Hero Gears, Essence Stones, and Enhancement XP. It’s a rewarding way to make the most of your extra hero shards.


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  1. I have excess Gina Hero Shards, over 160. Can I trade them at Tundra Trading Station? I think only General Shards are tradable.


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