Tundra Trading Station

The Tundra Trading Station in Whiteout Survival is a special event where you can exchange extra hero shards, skill manuals, and widgets for Trade Vouchers.

Trade Vouchers can be incredibly useful as you can use them to get rare items like Legendary Hero Gears, Essence Stones, Mythic Hero Shards, Skill Manuals, Enhancement XP, and resource chests.

Typically, this event spans over two days, giving players ample time to participate and benefit from these useful trades.

Trade Vouchers

At the Tundra Trading Station, you have a great opportunity to earn trade vouchers by trading in your extra hero shards and manuals. To do this, simply go to the events tab within the game and find the Tundra Trading Station.

Once you’re on the Tundra Trading Station page, you’ll notice two distinct tabs: one labeled ‘Trading Station Shop’ and the other ‘Obtain [Trade Vouchers]’.

Click on ‘Obtain [Trade Vouchers]’ and here you can select the specific item you’d like to trade for Trade Vouchers.

The great news is that any unused Trade Vouchers at the end of the event will be saved in your backpack, ready to be used in the next Tundra Trading Station event. You never lose your hard-earned Trade Vouchers.

Trading Station Shop

After obtaining Trade Vouchers, the next step is to use them to purchase the items you desire. Visit the “Trading Station Shop” on the Tundra Trading Station page.

Here, you’ll find a bunch of rare items available for purchase using your Trade Vouchers. These items include options like the Custom Hero widget chest, Essence stone, Mythic General Hero Shards, Expedition and Exploration manuals, 100 Enhancement XP component, and a level 2 Custom Resource Chest.

Take your pick and trade your vouchers for these valuable items!

How to Prepare for Tundra Trading Station?

The Tundra Trading Station event is a must-not-miss opportunity due to the rare and useful items it offers. Preparing for this event in advance is important. Keep an eye on the in-game event calendar to know when Tundra Trading Station begins.

Once you have this information, start saving up your hero shards and manuals for trading. As the event approaches, my recommendation would be to halt the use of hero shards and manuals for hero enhancements.

The items you can trade them for during this event are much more valuable than the enhancements for your heroes. Essence Stones and Legendary Hero Gears are harder to come by compared to hero shards and manuals.

It’s a wise move to exchange hero shards and manuals for trade vouchers and then use those vouchers to obtain Essence Stones and Legendary Hero Gears.


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