War Preparation

“War Preparation” is an event in Whiteout Survival where you can gather points by using training speedups and Essence Stones. As you achieve specific point goals, you’ll unlock rewards like resources, hero XP, gems, and mythic manuals. This event spans over a duration of two days.

How to prepare for this event?

To get ready for the War Preparation event, it’s a good idea to save up training speedups that you can later use to train and promote your troops during the event. You can obtain points in two ways: by training new troops or by promoting lower-tier ones.

If you’re playing on a Generation 2 server, you have the added advantage of using Essence Stones to earn even more points.

However, many players often run out of Essence Stones because the Alliance Mobilization event and War Preparation event usually occur just a few days apart. Some players end up using their Essence Stones during Alliance Mobilization, so it’s recommended to avoid using them there.

Once your server advances to Generation 3, the War Preparation event no longer takes place.


The War Preparation event offers some exciting rewards, which come in two different categories. First, there are milestone rewards that you can earn by achieving specific point thresholds. These milestone rewards typically include resources, speedup items, 4000 gems, and multiple mythic manuals.

The second type of reward is known as “Ranking Rewards,” and they are earned by securing top positions on the event’s leaderboard, which is referred to as “Honor Ranking.”

It’s worth noting that players who invest in the game, often referred to as “pay-to-win” players, tend to dominate the leaderboard because they can purchase packs containing numerous training speedups.

Ranking Rewards are distributed to the top 100 players with the highest points in the event on their respective servers. These rewards typically consist of speedup items, a large amount of gems, and keys for the top 3 players.


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