Auto Hunting

Auto Hunting is a convenient feature in Whiteout Survival that lets you hunt beasts without needing to manually send out marches. This feature makes it simpler for players to concentrate on important missions and events.

The game takes care of beast hunting automatically through Auto Hunting, providing players with much-needed resources effortlessly.

You can get Auto Hunting from the in-game Top Up Center, available through a package called the “Ultra Value Monthly Card.” When you obtain this package, it not only provides you with Auto Hunting but also includes gems and VIP XP as additional benefits.

Conditions for Auto Hunting

Auto Hunting will be disabled in the following scenarios:

  • You lose a battle.
  • You quit the game.
  • You run out of stamina.
  • You perform a teleportation.

The term “Auto Hunting” often causes confusion among players who might assume that it continues functioning even after they close the game. However, this is not accurate.

Auto Hunting is operational only while you are playing the game, and it deactivates when you exit the game.

How to Start Auto Hunting?

After obtaining the “Ultra Value Monthly Card,” you can access Auto Hunting by tapping on the World tab located at the bottom right corner of your screen. This action will navigate you to the world map. When you’re on the world map, a magnifying glass icon will be visible on the left side of your screen.

Simply tap on this magnifying glass icon to open the beast hunting tab. Within this tab, you’ll find the Auto Hunting feature positioned at the bottom right corner of your screen.

When you click the Auto Hunting button, a new tab will appear, presenting you with different settings for the Auto Hunting feature. In this section, you can establish the specific level range of beasts you wish to hunt.

For example, if you prefer to target beasts at level 27 or level 28, you can adjust the settings accordingly, as demonstrated in the image shown above.

Likewise, you have the option to define the Infirmary Capacity at which the Auto Hunting feature will halt. This setting enables you to specify the percentage of Infirmary Capacity that should be filled before Auto Hunting comes to a stop.

As an example, if you’ve set it to 70%, the Auto Hunting will cease once your Infirmary’s capacity reaches 70%.

Additionally, you have the ability to determine the quantity of stamina you wish to allocate for Auto Hunting. Once Auto Hunting consumes the designated stamina amount, it will conclude. This option offers a way to preserve your stamina.

The last option allows you to choose the troop formation for Auto Hunting. It is recommended to deploy your strongest troops to ensure victory over the beasts. This would prevent losses to the beasts, which could otherwise disable Auto Hunting.

Is Auto Hunting worth it?

The Auto Hunting feature proves to be highly useful when your aim is to dedicate more attention to events and battles. By effortlessly gathering resources through Auto Hunting, you can allocate your focus to the more important aspects of your gaming session.

The only aspect that might discourage certain players is its monthly subscription nature. While a one-time purchase would be preferable, it remains to be seen what the game developers have in store for us in the future.


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