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Many players often ask about the maximum levels that various buildings and items can reach in Whiteout Survival. In this article, we’ll explore the maximum levels that different things can reach in the game, so you can find the answers you’re looking for.

Max Building Levels

Whiteout Survival features a total of 17 buildings that can be enhanced through upgrades. Every building comes with its specific maximum levels for upgrades.

The potential level a building can achieve is also influenced by the current level of the Furnace. Furthermore, certain buildings offer the possibility of additional upgrades via Fire Crystals.

Specifically, the buildings that can benefit from Fire Crystal upgrades are the Military Camps, Furnace, Infirmary, Embassy, and Command Center.

BuildingMax LevelFire Crystal Levels
Hunter’s Hut30None
Coal Mine30None
Iron Mine30None
Infantry Camp308
Marksman Camp308
Lancer Camp308
Research Center30None
Command Center308
Max level of Buildings in Whiteout Survival

Max Hero and Gear Levels

In Whiteout Survival, heroes can reach a top level of 80, and their gears can be upgraded to a maximum of 100. However, there’s a distinct scenario for gear exclusive to Legendary (SSR) heroes, such as Molly’s Yeti Spirit. These exclusive gears have a maximum level of 10.

Mythic Hero Gear has two kinds of upgrades. The first type is the regular upgrade, which is common to all gear types. You can do this regular upgrade by combining other hero gear with the target hero gear or by using Enhancement XP.

The second type of upgrade is special and only for Mythic Hero Gear, called Mastery Forging. There are 20 levels of Mastery Forging available.

EntityMax Level
Hero Gears100
Exclusive Hero Gears10
Mastery Forging20
Max Hero and Gear Levels

Max Chief Gear and Charms Levels

Chief Gears become available once your Furnace reaches level 22, whereas Chief Charms become available at Furnace level 25. Chief Gears can be taken to a maximum level of 42, and their upgrade process is categorized into colors: Green, Blue, Purple, Gold, and Pink.

To upgrade Chief Gears, you’ll need materials such as Hardened Alloy, Polishing Solution, and Design Plans.

On the other hand, Chief Charms can reach a maximum level of 11. Upgrading Chief Charms involves using Charm Guides and Charm Designs.

ItemMax Level
Chief Gears42
Chief Charms11
Chief Gears and Charms Max Levels

Intel Missions and Beast Levels

Once your Furnace reaches level 7, you unlock the Lighthouse, granting you access to Intel Missions. Intel Missions have a maximum level of 20. The quality of rewards you receive improves as the level of Intel Missions increases.

Beasts are various kinds of animals present on the world map. You can dispatch marches to defeat these beasts and earn rewards in exchange. The rewards are better for higher-level beasts. The maximum level of Beasts is 30.

EntityMax Level
Intel Missions20
Max level of Beast and Intel Missions

Alliance Max Level

The max level of Alliance in Whiteout Survival is level 11. Alliances require Alliance XP to advance to higher levels. Alliance XP is earned when Alliance Members contribute resources to Alliance tech research.

As an Alliance progresses in levels, it unlocks different perks. For instance, upon reaching Alliance Level 5, Alliances become eligible to participate in the bear hunt event.


Survivors hold an important role within the game. They fulfill various tasks in different buildings, actively aiding the city’s expansion.

For instance, some work as Chefs in the Cookhouse, while others contribute as workers in resource-related buildings. Your city can accommodate a maximum of 32 Survivors.


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