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Mastery Forging

In Whiteout Survival, Mastery Forging is a powerful gear enhancement method that becomes available when you reach specific milestones. To unlock this feature, you must upgrade your city’s Furnace to level 20, and the gear you wish to enhance must also be at level 20.

Mastery Forging is exclusively designed for Gold Quality Gear. When you choose to enhance a Gold Quality Gear through Mastery Forging, you’ll witness a decent increase in its Gear Strength along with various other buffs that are directly related to that specific Gear.

Mastery Forging consists of 20 levels in total. To progress through each level, you’ll need to gather a certain amount of Essence Stones along with specific hero gears.

For levels 1 to 10, advancing in Mastery Forging only demands Essence Stones, making it a straightforward process.

However, starting from level 11 onwards, which means from level 11 to 20, the Mastery Forging process will require additional Mythic Hero Gears. These gears will play an important role in the enhancement process, adding a new dimension of complexity as you strive to reach higher levels.

Mastery Forging Upgrade Requirements

LevelEssence StonesHero Gear
111101 Mythic Hero Gear
121202 Mythic Hero Gears
131303 Mythic Hero Gears
141404 Mythic Hero Gears
151505 Mythic Hero Gears
161606 Mythic Hero Gears
171707 Mythic Hero Gears
181808 Mythic Hero Gears
191909 Mythic Hero Gears
2020010 Mythic Hero Gears
Mastery Forging Requirements in Whiteout Survival


Starting at level 1 of Mastery Forging, you will need 10 Essence Stones. As you progress through each level, the requirement for Essence Stones will increase by 10. So, for level 2, you’ll need 20 Essence Stones, for level 3, you’ll need 30 Essence Stones, and so on, until you reach level 10, where you’ll require a total of 100 Essence Stones.

Once you reach level 11 and move forward, the enhancement process becomes more challenging as it involves Mythic Hero Gears in addition to Essence Stones. At level 11, you’ll need 1 Mythic Hero Gear along with 110 Essence Stones.

As you continue to climb the levels, the demand for Mythic Hero Gears rises. For instance, at level 20, you’ll need a total of 10 Mythic Hero Gears, along with 200 Essence Stones, to achieve the Mastery Forging’s max level.

Remember to gather both the required Essence Stones and Mythic Hero Gears to unlock the full potential of your Gear through the Mastery Forging system.


In conclusion, Mastery Forging is a powerful and exclusive enhancement method. With a total of 20 levels, this system allows you to significantly boost both the Gear Strength and all other buffs provided by your precious Gear.

The journey to Mastery Forging begins with simple enhancements, where only Essence Stones are required for levels 1 to 10. However, the challenge escalates starting from level 11, as you’ll need to combine the Essence Stones with valuable Mythic Hero Gears to progress further.

As you strive to reach level 20, it becomes evident that mastering this process requires dedication and resourcefulness. By gathering the necessary Essence Stones and Mythic Hero Gears, you can unlock the full potential of your Gear and become a true expert in the art of Mastery Forging.


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