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In Whiteout Survival, the Storehouse is an important building that acts like a fortress for your valuable resources. It becomes available when the Furnace reaches level 9.

Storehouse is where you can keep your most important resources (Meat, Iron, Coal, Wood) safe from the attacks of other Chiefs. So, even if they try to raid your city, they won’t be able to plunder the resources stored in the Storehouse.

However, there is a limitation. If you have more resources than the Storehouse can hold, they won’t fit inside and will remain vulnerable to being stolen by attacking Chiefs.

That’s why it’s essential to manage your resources wisely and upgrade the Storehouse when possible to increase its capacity for safeguarding your belongings.

One of the perks of having a Storehouse is that you can collect speedups from it. These speedups are valuable in helping you progress faster and enhance your city’s development.

But remember, there’s a timer that determines when you can collect these speedups. So, be patient and keep an eye on the timer to maximize the benefits.

As you continue to upgrade the Storehouse, its protective abilities become even better. With each upgrade, it can hold more resources, making it harder for attackers to steal your precious items.

Additionally, these upgrades contribute to boosting your city’s overall power, making it a wise investment in your city’s strength and security.

The Storehouse can be upgraded through 30 levels, each offering increased storage capacity. At level one, the Storehouse begins with a modest storage capacity of 5000, but as you progress and invest in upgrades, it steadily grows to an impressive 120,000,000 at level 30.

Storehouse doesn’t need coal for its upgrades until it reaches level 3, from level 4 it requires coal along with wood for its upgrades. When Storehouse reaches level 5, it starts requiring iron for its upgrades along with wood and cool and when it reaches level 10 its starts requiring meat for its upgrades along with wood, coal, and iron.

Storehouse Upgrade Requirements

LevelFurnace Level RequiredWoodCoalIronMeatUpgrade TimeStorage Capacity
1960N/AN/AN/A2 seconds5,000
2990N/AN/AN/A9 seconds10,000
39400N/AN/AN/A45 seconds15,000
49900180N/AN/A2 minutes, 15 seconds20,000
593,800760N/AN/A4 minutes, 30 seconds25,000
699,6001,900480N/A9 minutes 30,000
7934,0006,9001,700N/A18 minutes45,000
8963,00012,0003,100N/A27 minutes65,000
99130,00026,0006,500N/A40 minutes, 30 seconds120,000
1010230,00046,00011,000N/A54 minutes200,000
1111290,00057,00014,000290,0001 hour, 7 minutes, 30 seconds400,000
1212370,00074,00018,000370,0001 hour, 21 minutes800,000
1313520,000100,00026,000520,0001 hour, 39 minutes1,200,000
1414690,000130,00034,000690,0002 hours, 6 minutes1,900,000
15151,000,000200,00051,0001,000,0002 hours, 42 minutes3,200,000
16161,300,000260,00065,0001,300,0004 hours, 34 minutes4,600,000
17172,000,000400,000100,0002,000,0005 hours, 29 minutes6,000,000
18182,700,000550,000130,0002,700,0006 hours, 35 minutes7,500,000
19193,400,000690,000170,0003,400,0009 hours, 52 minutes, 30 seconds8,600,000
20204,700,000940,000230,0004,700,00012 hours, 20 minutes, 30 seconds10,000,000
21216,000,0001,200,000300,0006,000,00016 hours, 2 minutes, 30 seconds12,500,000
22227,900,0001,500,000390,0007,900,0001 day, 4 minutes15,000,000
23239,800,0001,900,000490,0009,800,0001 day, 9 hours, 42 minutes20,000,000
242413,000,0002,600,000660,00013,000,0001 day, 23 hours, 11 minutes25,000,000
252517,000,0003,500,000890,00017,000,0002 days, 18 hours, 3 minutes35,000,000
262623,000,0004,600,0001,100,00023,000,0003 days, 3 hours, 57 minutes45,000,000
272732,000,0006,500,0001,600,00032,000,0003 days, 19 hours, 9 minutes60,000,000
282843,000,0008,700,0002,100,00043,000,0004 days, 8 hours, 49 minutes75,000,000
292954,000,00010,000,0002,700,00054,000,0005 days, 33 minutes100,000,000
303066,000,00013,000,0003,300,00066,000,0006 days, 40 minutes120,000,000
Storehouse Upgrade Details


In Whiteout Survival, the Storehouse follows a distinct upgrade pattern, with resource requirements changing as it reaches different levels.

From levels 1 to 3, the Storehouse upgrades do not require any coal. You can upgrade it using only wood.

However, once the Storehouse reaches level 4, the upgrade process becomes more demanding, and coal becomes a necessary resource alongside wood.

As you continue to progress and reach level 5, iron becomes a new requirement for Storehouse upgrades, in addition to wood and coal.

Upon reaching level 10, another resource, meat, is added to the list of upgrade requirements. Now, you will need wood, coal, iron, and meat to further improve your Storehouse.

As you can see, managing your resources efficiently becomes increasingly important as you advance the Storehouse to higher levels.

Understanding these upgrade requirements will aid in planning your resource allocation and optimizing your city’s development while securing your valuable reserves from potential plundering by other Chiefs.


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