Alliance Resources

Alliance Resources are an important part of the Whiteout Survival’s Alliance system. Resources are necessary for activities like putting up alliance banners, constructing alliance buildings, and advancing alliance technology.

Alliance members can’t directly share resources with their Alliance. Instead, Alliances need to collect resources from resource farms found on the map. The main way members can support their Alliance with resources is by contributing to Alliance Research.

How to Get Alliance Resources?

Alliances gather resources by claiming Alliance Farms. To claim a farm, an Alliance needs to construct their banner close to it.

If another Alliance’s banner is already near the targeted farm, the competing Alliance must remove that banner before setting up their own to gain control over the farm.

Alliance Farms are 2×2 tile areas, and an Alliance aiming to control a farm must have control over 75% of that area.

There are four types of Alliance Resources: Meat, Wood, Coal, and Iron. Here is how you can obtain different types of Alliance Resources:

  • You can obtain Alliance Wood by controlling Alliance Woodmill.
  • You can obtain Alliance Meat by controlling Alliance Animal Farm.
  • You can obtain Alliance Coal by controlling Alliance Coal Mine.
  • You can obtain Alliance Iron by controlling Alliance Iron Mine.

How to Find Alliance Farms?

Locating Alliance Farms is simple. Start by tapping on the “World” tab located at the bottom right of your screen. Once there, slightly zoom out to achieve a view similar to the image shown above.

You will notice numerous icons representing resources and creatures. The icons marked with blue banners are the Alliance Farms. This helps you identify Alliance Farms whether they are situated within your own territory or in enemy territory.

How to Build Banners?

Members with R4 and R5 roles within an Alliance can set up Alliance Banners. When an Alliance leader (R4/R5) positions a banner, other Alliance Members should go to that location and construct the banner. An Alliance can build a maximum of 285 banners with max Alliance tech.

Constructing these banners requires Alliance Resources. If you decide to remove a banner, you’ll only receive a portion (10%) of the initial resources back.

To establish a larger quantity of banners, the Alliance must conduct research on the “Tactical Expansion” technology in the Territory section of the Alliance research.

Banners that aren’t linked to the Headquarters (for instance, when you relocate the HQ) will expire over time, resulting in the Alliance regaining 10% of the resources.


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