Command Center Whiteout Survival

Command Center

The Command Center is a special building within Whiteout Survival’s Alliance system that manages your ability to gather and send out troops. When you upgrade the Command Center, both your rally and march capacities get bigger, which means you can lead more troops into battle.

You can start using the Command Center once your Furnace reaches Level 10, and this building has a total of 30 levels. When you raise the Command Center to its highest level, it boosts your rally capacity to 840,000 and your march capacity to 67,000 troops.

These figures have the potential to grow even more through upgrades using Fire Crystals.

The Command Center holds big importance, and it’s necessary to give it a priority when considering upgrades. By upgrading the Command Center, you boost both your rally capacity and troop deployment capability.

This enhancement proves beneficial when your Alliance engages in battles against beasts and other important conflicts.

Simultaneously, it’s essential to place importance on upgrading the Embassy alongside the Command Center. This is because upgrading the Embassy is a prerequisite for upgrading the Command Center.

Rally and Troop Deployment Capacity

In Whiteout Survival, the heart of the strategy lies in rallying troops and deploying them in a proper way. These two aspects greatly shape the outcomes of your battles within the game.

While the Command Center’s level certainly holds a big influence over your rally and troop deployment capabilities, it’s not the sole determinant.

The capacity for rallying and deploying troops is also influenced by hero levels, star levels, as well as research conducted in the Research Center and Alliance.

You can increase your troop deployment capacity by conducting research in the battle section of the Research Center. This specific research is titled “Regimental Expansion,” and its purpose is to enlarge the size of armies that you can dispatch in a single Expedition.

Command Center Upgrade Requirements

LevelRequirementsUpgrade TimeRally CapacityTroop Deployment CapacityWoodMeatCoalIron
1Furnace Lv. 10, Embassy Lv. 12s1,50040080N/AN/AN/A
2Furnace Lv. 10, Embassy Lv. 28s3,500700125N/AN/AN/A
3Furnace Lv. 10, Embassy Lv. 335s5,7001,000565N/AN/AN/A
4Furnace Lv. 10, Embassy Lv. 41m 45s8,0001,4001.2kN/A250N/A
5Furnace Lv. 10, Embassy Lv. 53m 35s11,5001,8005.3kN/A1KN/A
6Furnace Lv. 10, Embassy Lv. 67m 10s15,0002,80013kN/A2.6K670
7Furnace Lv. 10, Embassy Lv. 714m19,0003,80048kN/A9.6K2.4K
8Furnace Lv. 10, Embassy Lv. 821m 30s24,0005,00088kN/A17K4.4K
9Furnace Lv. 10, Embassy Lv. 932m29,5006,500180kN/A36K9.1K
10Furnace Lv. 10, Embassy Lv. 1043m35,5008,000320kN/A64K16K
11Furnace Lv. 11, Embassy Lv. 1154m43,50010,500390k390k79k19k
12Furnace Lv. 12, Embassy Lv. 121h 4m 30s52,00013,000500k500k100k25k
13Furnace Lv. 13, Embassy Lv. 131h 19m62,00016,000710k710k140k35k
14Furnace Lv. 14, Embassy Lv. 141h 40m 30s73,50019,000940k940k180k47k
15Furnace Lv. 15, Embassy Lv. 152h 9m 30s87,50022,0001.3M1.3M270k69k
16Furnace Lv. 16, Embassy Lv. 163h 39m105,00027,0001.7M1.7M350k89k
17Furnace Lv. 17, Embassy Lv. 174h 23m120,00032,0002.7M2.7M550k130k
18Furnace Lv. 18, Embassy Lv. 185h 16m140,00034,0003.7M3.7M750k180k
19Furnace Lv. 19, Embassy Lv. 197h 54m165,00036,0004.7M4.7M940k230k
20Furnace Lv. 20, Embassy Lv. 209h 52m195,00038,0006.4M6.4M1.2M320k
21Furnace Lv. 21, Embassy Lv. 2112h 50m225,00040,5008.1M8.1M1.6M400k
22Furnace Lv. 22, Embassy Lv. 2219h 15m 30s260,00043,00010M10M2.1M540k
23Furnace Lv. 23, Embassy Lv. 231d 2h 57m305,00046,00013M13M2.6M670k
24Furnace Lv. 24, Embassy Lv. 241d 13h 44m350,00048,50018M18M3.6M900k
25Furnace Lv. 25, Embassy Lv. 252d 4h 50m400,00052,00024M24M4.9M1.2M
26Furnace Lv. 26, Embassy Lv. 262d 12h 46m470,00054,50031M31M6.3M1.5M
27Furnace Lv. 27, Embassy Lv. 273d 55m550,00057,00044M44M8.9M2.2M
28Furnace Lv. 28, Embassy Lv. 283d 11h 51m630,00060,50059M59M11M2.9M
29Furnace Lv. 29, Embassy Lv. 294d 26m725,00064,00073M73M14M3.6M
30Furnace Lv. 30, Embassy Lv. 304d 19h 44m840,00067,00090M90M18M4.5M
Command Center Upgrade Requirements (data by WhyBanditWhy)

Fire Crystal Upgrades

Once your Command Center reaches level 30, you have the option to take it a step further and upgrade it to Fire Crystal levels using Fire Crystals.

These special upgrades are referred to as Fire Crystal upgrades and demand both Fire Crystals and the usual resources such as wood, meat, coal, and iron.

LevelRequirementsUpgrade TimeRally CapacityTroop Deployment CapacityFire CrystalsMeatWoodCoalIron
30-1Furnace FC Lv. 1,
Embassy FC Lv. 1
20h 9m 30s845,00067,7002620M20M4M1M
30-2Furnace FC Lv. 1,
Embassy FC Lv. 1
20h 9m 30s850,00068,4002620M20M4M1M
30-3Furnace FC Lv. 1,
Embassy FC Lv. 1
20h 9m 30s855,00069,1002620M20M4M1M
30-4Furnace FC Lv. 1,
Embassy FC Lv. 1
20h 9m 30s860,00069,8002620M20M4M1M
FC 1Furnace FC Lv. 1,
Embassy FC Lv. 1
20h 9m 30s865,00070,5002620M20M4M1M
FC1-1Furnace FC Lv. 2,
Embassy FC Lv. 2
1d 1h 55m870,00071,2002620M20M4M1M
FC1-2Furnace FC Lv. 2,
Embassy FC Lv. 2
1d 1h 55m875,00071,9003121M21M4.3M1M
FC1-3Furnace FC Lv. 2,
Embassy FC Lv. 2
1d 1h 55m880,00072,6003121M21M4.3M1M
FC1-4Furnace FC Lv. 2,
Embassy FC Lv. 2
1d 1h 55m885,00073,3003121M21M4.3M1M
FC 2Furnace FC Lv. 2,
Embassy FC Lv. 2
1d 1h 55m890,00074,0003121M21M4.3M1M
FC2-1Furnace FC Lv. 3,
Embassy FC Lv. 3
1d 7h 40m895,00074,7004723M23M4.7M1.1M
FC2-2Furnace FC Lv. 3,
Embassy FC Lv. 3
1d 7h 40m900,00075,4004723M23M4.7M1.1M
FC2-3Furnace FC Lv. 3,
Embassy FC Lv. 3
1d 7h 40m905,00076,1004723M23M4.7M1.1M
FC2-4Furnace FC Lv. 3,
Embassy FC Lv. 3
1d 7h 40m910,00076,8004723M23M4.7M1.1M
FC 3Furnace FC Lv. 3,
Embassy FC Lv. 3
1d 7h 40m915,00077,5004723M23M4.7M1.1M
Command Center Fire Crystal Upgrades


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