Tree of Life Whiteout Survival

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is the heart of Daybreak Island in Whiteout Survival. It provides a certain amount of Life Essence daily, an essential resource for progressing on Daybreak Island.

Upgrading the Tree of Life gives various stat bonuses for your troops, along with new unlocks, upgrade rewards, and increased production of Life Essence.

Upgrade Chart

LevelProsperityLife Essence (LE)UnlocksLE per hourTotal LE per hourLumberLumber Max LevelLE HelpedLE HelpTotal LE per day
1+30% Heal Speed12012000602003,480
2150500+1000 Troop Deployment15018512752005,040
36001,000+30% Heal Speed18027014902007,080
41,2005,000+5% Defence210320161052008,280
52,40010,000+30% Heal Speed2405002812020012,600
64,00020,000+5% Attack27057021013520014,280
77,00030,000+30% Heal Speed30060021015020015,000
810,00050,000+3000 Troop Deployment33063021016520015,720
915,00070,000+5% Heal36066021018020016,440
1020,000100,000+5% Lethality39069021019520017,160
Tree of Life Upgrade Chart

Daybreak Island

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