Banquet Stall Event Whiteout Survival

Banquet Stall

The Banquet Stall is an event in Whiteout Survival where you collect Silver Shells, which can be used to purchase various items. Silver Shells can be obtained by completing Banquet Commission missions or buying packs.

Here is the summary of the event:

  • During the event, you can earn Silver Shells and Banquet Points by completing commissions and purchasing packs.
  • Silver Shells can be used to purchase items in the Banquet Stall.
  • Collect Banquet Points to unlock milestone rewards. Your progress will be cleared at the end of the event, and your unclaimed rewards will be mailed to you.

Banquet Points

Along with Silver Shells, you also earn Banquet Points when you complete commissions or purchase packs. These points unlock milestone rewards in the Banquet Stall. You can earn 100 Banquet Points every day, which means that during the 5-day duration of the event, you can accumulate a total of 500 Banquet Points.

As a free-to-play player, you can only expect to claim the first three milestone rewards. The next three rewards are at 1000, 2000, and 5000 Banquet Points, which are not achievable without spending money on packs.


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