Generation 7 Heroes

State #1 got its 7th generation heroes in Whiteout Survival on February 5, 2024. Soon, other states will also get these three powerful new heroes – Bradley, Edith, and Gordon. This article will explore the statistics and skills of these three heroes.


Bradley is a marksman hero who carries a large cannon-like weapon. As a marksman, he remains in his designated position while attacking enemies with his ranged weapon.


Bradley’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Bradley has three exploration skills used during exploration battles: Destructor, Incendiary Shell, and Audacious.

  • Destructor: Bradley uses his artillery to launch a shell inflicting Attack * 420% Area of Effect Damage.
  • Incendiary Shell: Bradley shoots a special incendiary shell causing Attack * 84% Area of Effect Damage. This shell creates a crater dealing Attack * 21% damage to enemies every 0.5 seconds for 2 seconds.
  • Audacious: This skill boosts Bradley’s attack by 24%.


Marksman AttackMarksman Defense
Bradley’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

Bradley has three expedition skills in battles across the world map: Veteran’s Might, Power Shot, and Tactical Assistance.

  • Veteran’s Might: Bradley uses this skill to boost the Attack of all troops by 25%.
  • Power Shot: This skill increases Damage Dealt by all friendly troops to Lancers by 30% and to Infantry by 25%.
  • Tactical Assistance: This skill increases Damage Dealt by all friendly troops by 30% for 2 turns, occurring every 4 turns.


Edith is an Infantry hero who engages enemies up close with melee attacks. She operates a large robot called “Mr. Tin”, using it to confront and attack her enemies.


Edith’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Edith possesses three exploration skills for arena and exploration battles: Ironclad Punch, Escape Capsule, and Preemptive Alerts.

  • Ironclad Punch: Edith uses Mr. Tin to punch all enemies in a fan-shaped area, dealing Attack * 140% damage. This action stuns targets for 1 second while boosting her own Attack by 100% for 2 seconds.
  • Escape Capsule: Edith ejects herself from Mr. Tin, causing Mr. Tin to explode and deal Attack * 280% damage to nearby enemies.
  • Preemptive Alerts: This skill gives Edith a 50% chance to reduce damage taken by 50%.


Infantry AttackInfantry Defense
Edith’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

Edith showcases three expedition skills during battles on the world map: Strategic Balance, Ironclad, and Steel Sentinel.

  • Strategic Balance: This skill decreases Damage Taken by friendly Marksmen by 20% and raises Damage Dealt by friendly Lancers by 20%.
  • Ironclad: This skill reduces Damage Taken by friendly Infantries by 20%.
  • Steel Sentinel: This skill increases Health by 25% for all friendly troops.


Gordon is the third and final hero of the seventh generation. He belongs to the Lancer type and has the appearance of an evil scientist. His primary attack involves throwing chemical flasks at his enemies.


Gordon’s Max Level Exploration Statistics

Gordon has three exploration skills for arena and exploration battles: Poison Blast, Toxic Molotov, and Tolerization.

  • Poison Blast: Gordon hurls a vase at his enemies, releasing toxic mist that inflicts Attack * 70% damage to nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds.
  • Toxic Molotov: Gordon throws a chemical flask at his target, dealing Attack * 35% damage every 0.5 seconds and raising the Damage Taken of the target by 25% for 2 seconds.
  • Tolerization: This skill boosts Gordon’s defense by 75%.


Lancer AttackLancer Defense
Gordon’s Max Level Expedition Statistics

Gordon has three expedition skills for battles on the world map: Venom Infusion, Chemical Terror, and Toxic Release.

  • Venom Infusion: Every 2 attacks, Lancers deal 100% extra damage and apply poison to the target for 1 turn. Poisoned enemies deal 20% less damage.
  • Chemical Terror: This skill increases all friendly Lancers’ Damage Dealt by 150% and reduces Damage Dealt by enemy troops by 30% for 1 turn every 3 turns.
  • Toxic Release: This skill increases the Damage Taken of enemy Infantries by 30% while reducing Damage Dealt by enemy Marksmen by 30%. This effect lasts for 2 turns and activates every four turns.


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