Natalia is a first-generation Mythic Hero in Whiteout Survival. She falls into the Infantry Class and the Combat sub-class, showcasing her strength in dealing damage to both enemy troops and heroes.

How to Unlock Natalia?

Natalia stands out as one of the select heroes you can’t get without making a purchase. To unlock Natalia, all it takes is making any purchase within the game. The moment you make that first transaction, Natalia becomes ready for recruitment, adding her skills and abilities to your lineup.

How to get Natalia Shards?

There are two ways to get Natalia Shards:

  • VIP Packs
  • Foundry Shop during generation one.

Ascending Natalia through her star levels requires her specific Natalia Shards. Because she’s an exclusive hero, you can’t use the General Mythic Shards for her upgrades. Instead, you’ll need to make purchases to gather Natalia Shards. These shards can be obtained through VIP packs.

However, the challenge lies for free to players who want to upgrade Natalia without spending. Natalia Shards are only up for grabs in the Foundry Shop during your server’s first generation. Once the server enters its second generation, Natalia Shards vanishes from the Foundry Shop.

Adding another layer to the upgrade process, Arsenal Tokens required in the Foundry Shop are exclusively earned through Foundry Battles. After each Foundry Battle, you’re limited to purchasing just three Natalia Shards with these hard-earned Tokens.

So, upgrading Natalia is quite a challenge, making her less than ideal for players who prefer the free-to-play path.

Natalia’s Appearance

Natalia is a young girl with long, light brown hair. She rides on a Polar Bear and wears warm leather clothes, including a band on her forehead. In her right hand, she holds a whip to command her bear. Together, they face enemies in battles, with her bear fighting by her side.

Natalia isn’t just about riding bears; she’s an animal-taming expert too! Once you hit Furnace Level 18 and unlock the Beast Cage, she extends her skills to training pets. It’s like her own little animal academy where she helps you tame and nurture various creatures.

So, Natalia’s talents go beyond just the Polar Bear rides; she’s got a whole zoo of skills up her sleeve!

Exploration Skills

Natalia’s Exploration Stats at Max Level

Beast Charge

Natalia’s bear does a double whammy: knocks back enemies and stuns them for 1 second. Plus, it dishes out 224% Area of Effect damage.

Upgrade Preview: Area of Effect Damage increases to 160%, 176%, 192%, 208%, and 224% after the five upgrades.


Natalia use her whip like a pro, dishing out a damage of up to Attack*210%.

Upgrade Preview: Whip Damage increases to 150%, 165%, 180%, 195%, and 210% after the five upgrades.

Rage Response

There’s a 10% chance that, after taking a hit, Natalia gains an increase of +12% attack for 3 seconds. What’s cool is, this skill can stack up to 5 times.

Upgrade Preview: Attack increases by 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%, and 12% after the five upgrades.

Expedition Skills

Infantry AttackInfantry Defense
Natalia’s Expedition Stats at Max Level

Wildling Roar

Natalia’s troops have a 20% chance of stunning enemy troops for 1 turn.

Upgrade Preview: Stun Chance increases by 4%, 8%, 12%, 16%, and 20% after the five upgrades.

Queen of the Wild

Natalia increased the attack of her troops by 25%.

Upgrade Preview: Attack increases by 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25% after the five upgrades.

Call of the Wild

During the rallies on beasts, Natalia increases the damage dealt by her troops to 25%.

Upgrade Preview: Damage increases by 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 25% after the five upgrades.

Special Skills – Exclusive Gear

Exclusive Hero Gear: Gale Force

AttackDefenseHealthInfantry LethalityInfantry HealthPower
Natalia’s Stats at Max Level of Gale Force


Natalia increases damage dealt by 30% (at level 10 Gale Force).


Natalia increases the lethality of rallying troops by 15% (at level 10 Gale Force).


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