Philly is a powerful Mythic Hero in Whiteout Survival. She’s a generation 2 hero, falling into the Lancer Class and Combat sub-class. Not only is she strong in combat, but Philly is also exceptional at supporting fellow heroes and troops.

She shines during exploration and expeditions by providing health restoration, ensuring that your heroes and troops stay healthy and strong throughout their battles.

How to Unlock Philly?

Philly is a second-generation hero, which means she becomes available in the game once your server or state enters its second generation phase. To get your hands on Philly, there are several methods you can follow:

  1. Hall of Chiefs and King of Icefield: Secure a place in the top 10 spots on the leaderboard of the Hall of Chiefs or King of Icefield event. Achieving a high ranking in these events can earn you Philly as a reward.
  2. Daily Deals: Keep an eye on the daily deals offered within the game. Philly might be among the heroes you can unlock through these special offers.
  3. Path of Honor and Hero Rally Event: Philly can also be unlocked by purchasing the Path of Honor in the Hero Rally event.
  4. State of Power Event: Engage in the State of Power event to have a chance at unlocking Philly. This event may offer her as a reward for your achievements.

By exploring these methods, you can add Philly to your roster of heroes in the game.

Philly’s Appearance

Philly’s appearance is reminiscent of a doctor from the plague era. She wears a unique outfit that sets her apart. On her face, she has a plague mask, and on top of her head, there’s a distinctive feathered hat. Her long, flowing white hair adds to her striking look.

Her belt is decorated with interesting items. On the left side, you’ll notice her surgical instruments hanging visibly, ready for use. On the right side, there’s a book, possibly her trusted medicine manual. To stay warm in the game’s chilly weather, she wears a long, furry skirt and snug upper-body clothing.

Philly takes her role seriously, wearing gloves on both hands for added protection. In her right hand, she wields a blade, serving as her primary weapon in combat, making her a powerful and unique character in the game.

Philly’s Story

The sight of a strange masked woman can be unsettling. What does she look like behind that beaked mask? Or is it actually part of her? For that, people always stayed away from Dr. Philly, until a plague struck several years ago.

The deadly disease hit the Cities without warning. The Chiefs designated a village as the quarantine spot for all those infected. Although, without proper resources, people in the village were practically left to die. When all hope was lost for the sick and forsaken, Dr. Philly chose to enter the village in search of a cure.

And she succeeded. She was dubbed a miracle worker, an angel of the Cities. Philly spends a lot of time in the City graveyards and often faced accusations of grave robbery. Her studies of dead bodies are now encouraged by authorities, as her discoveries often lead to new cures for diseases.

Philly is still regarded as a somewhat mysterious figure for spending long hours at the morgue and apothecary. This air of mystery made some people believe that Philly possesses supernatural power against diseases.

The truth was far more mundane. Philly was a promising medical researcher in the academy before a plague claimed the lives of all her families. Philly was the only survivor in her house. After that, she became determined to push boundaries and find new treatments for the plague.

Philly threw herself back into her studies with a vengeance. She has marked out disease and death as her personal enemies. And with anger came courage to face whatever dangers head on.

However, Philly’s goal is not just to conquer disease. She believes that one day she will be able to find a way to reverse death, even to the extent of bringing her family back…

Philly’s Exploration Skills

Philly’s Exploration Stats at her max level.

Being a Mythic Hero, Philly has three Exploration Skills important for battles within the game’s exploration and arena settings. It’s essential to note that these skills are not applicable during rallies or beast battles. Let’s look into the specifics of each skill:

  1. First Aid: Leveraging her advanced medical training, Philly can quickly restore Health to all friendly heroes. The amount of Health restored is calculated as her Attack multiplied by 200%, 220%, 240%, 260%, or 280% based on the skill’s level.
  2. Restorative Hands: In dire situations where a friendly hero is at the brink of defeat, Philly showcases her mastery of first aid. She restores Health to the weakest friendly hero, amounting to her Attack multiplied by 100%, 110%, 120%, 130%, or 140% based on the skill’s level.
  3. Paralytic Lotion: Philly has the ability to poison a targeted enemy, momentarily disabling them for 1 second. Concurrently, she deals damage to the enemy, the extent of which is determined by her Attack and varies between 140%, 154%, 168%, 182%, or 196% based on the skill’s level.

These skills are extremely useful during exploration and arena battles, enabling Philly to support her allies and incapacitate her enemies.

Philly’s Expedition Skills

Lancer AttackLancer Defense
Philly’s Class Buffs during Expedition.

Philly, as a Mythic Hero, has three useful Expedition Skills, which prove invaluable during rallies and battles on the world map. Let’s explore the details of these skills:

  1. Miracle Herb: Philly’s expertise in crafting cold-resistant herbal elixirs comes to the fore. Every 12 turns, this elixir restores the health of all friendly Troops by an amount equal to 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, or 15%, depending on the skill’s level (ranging from level 1 to level 5).
  2. Dosage Boost: Philly’s legendary broth is a boon to her fellow warriors. It gives a 25% chance for your troops’ attacks to deal additional damage, ranging from +120%, +140%, +160%, +180%, to +200%, based on the skill’s level (ranging from level 1 to level 5).
  3. Numbing Spores: Philly uses a unique application of fungal pores to your troops’ weapons. This gives them a 4%, 8%, 12%, 16%, or 20% chance (depending on the skill’s level from 1 to level 5) to stun enemies for 1 turn.

Philly’s Special Skills

Philly’s exclusive gear, known as “Pharmacologica,” unlocks two special skills as it levels up. When Pharmacologica reaches level 2, her first special skill, “Extraction,” becomes available. When it reaches level 4, her second special skill, “First Aid Training,” is unlocked.

  1. Extraction: Philly’s dedication to honing her herbal skills has led to a remarkable increase in their healing effectiveness. Depending on the skill’s level, ranging from 1 to 5, the healing effects of her herbal abilities are boosted by 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, or 70%.
  2. First Aid Training: Philly’s commitment to spreading the knowledge of first aid extends to garrisoned troops. With this skill, she imparts the basics of first aid, elevating the Health of garrisoned troops by a percentage. The Health boost ranges from 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, to 15%, depending on the skill’s level, which can be anywhere from level 1 to level 5.


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