Whiteout Survival has several Teleporters that help you move around the world map. These Teleporters allow you to travel to different locations on the map but are limited to your state. You can’t use them to jump to another state, except for a special one called the cross-state teleporter, which is exclusively available during the State of Power event.

This article will look into each Teleporter type and see what they do.

Advanced Teleporter

The Advanced Teleporter is a top-tier option among teleporters in Whiteout Survival. It’s the priciest one, costing 130,000 Alliance Tokens from the Alliance Shop. With the Advanced Teleporter, you can move your city to any spot within your state.

It is quite versatile, serving various purposes. For example, you can use it to quickly teleport to an enemy’s city instead of marching a long distance.

Additionally, during big events like the Foundry Battle, Facility Battle, and Castle Battle, it comes in handy for relocating to event locations. If your city ends up in a random spot after a defeat, the Advanced Teleporter lets you teleport back to Alliance Territory.

To use it, simply pick a location on the world map and hit the “Teleport” button – just make sure the chosen spot isn’t within an Alliance Territory for the teleportation to work.

Random Teleporter

The Random Teleporter is another kind of teleporter available in the game. As the name suggests, it teleports your city to a random spot on the world map. You can get the Random Teleporter from both the Alliance Shop and the City Bonus section. To access the City Bonus section, just press the arrow button located below your profile picture.

During events like the Brothers in Arms event, the Random Teleporter proves useful for jumping to random locations, where you can engage lower-level players with cities nearby.

Interestingly, it might land you in another Alliance Territory, a feature not available with the Advanced Teleporter. During the State of Power (SVS) event, while you’re in another state, the Random Teleporter enables you to move around freely within that state.

Territory Teleporter

The Territory Teleport is yet another teleporter available in the game. You can get it from the Alliance Shop using Alliance Tokens. What makes this teleporter special is that it teleports you to the Alliance Territory closest to the highest-level Alliance HQ.

Being in the Alliance Territory comes with numerous perks, so this teleporter becomes handy for returning to the territory after you’ve teleported out for events or battles. If your alliance has Tundra HQ, it will take you directly there; otherwise, it teleports you to the Icefield HQ.

Alliance Teleporter

The Alliance Teleporter is quite similar to the Territory Teleporter but has a few extra functions. It teleports you closer to the Alliance Leader, which proves beneficial during major events like Castle Battle, Fortress Battle, and Foundry Battle. All members can use this teleporter to get near their leader, making coordination for attacks much easier.

Additionally, if you run out of Territory Teleporters, the Alliance Teleporter can serve as a backup to bring you back to the Alliance Territory. You can get this teleporter from the Alliance Shop.

Cross-state Teleporter

The Cross-state Teleporter is a special one given during the State of Power event, where two states engage in battle. Players can use these teleporters to teleport to the opposing state for Castle Battle or to launch attacks on players in that state.

On the battle day of the State of Power event, players receive three free cross-state teleporters, allowing them to move between states or return to their own state. The cross-state teleportation becomes available at 10:00 UTC, and the cross-state Castle Battle kicks off at 12:00 UTC.

Once the State of Power event concludes, all players in the enemy state automatically teleport back to their home states, landing in random locations on the world map.


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