Alliance Contribution

Alliances play an important role in Whiteout Survival, and they come with essential benefits. Alliances rely on research that provides them with different benefits.

By becoming part of an Alliance, you have the opportunity to participate in various types of research. To contribute, simply tap on “Alliance” at the bottom of the screen and then select “Tech” in the Alliance section.

Alliance Contribution involves donating resources like Coal, Meat, Iron, and Wood to support different research projects. Since Alliance research projects often demand a large amount of these resources, Alliance Members can come together to contribute. By doing Alliance Contributions to different research, you can help your Alliance in getting various perks.

Alliance Contribution Rewards

When you make contributions to your alliance through Alliance Contributions, you earn Alliance Tokens. These tokens have various uses and benefits. Within the tech research section, a specific project could be marked with a green thumb icon. These marked projects give more Alliance Tokens when you contribute to them.

You can take your earned Alliance Tokens to the Alliance Shop, where you’ll find a variety of items available for purchase. These items include VIP XP, Chief Rename Cards, Speedups, Hero Shards, Teleporters, march enhancements, and much more.

Contribution Rankings

When you contribute to various research projects, you become part of the Alliance Contribution leaderboard. This special board tracks the efforts of alliance members in making contributions. At the end of each day, the member who has made the most contributions earns certain rewards.

The Alliance Contribution leaderboard becomes active when at least three alliance members have each made over 12,000 contributions that day. Only those members who have contributed more than 12,000 by day’s end are eligible for Ranking Rewards. These rewards are structured as follows:

1st Place contributor: Receives 300 gems and 2,000 Alliance Tokens.
2nd Place contributor: Receives 200 gems and 1,000 Alliance Tokens.
3rd Place contributor: Receives 100 gems and 500 Alliance Tokens.
Other contributors: Receive 50 gems and 500 Alliance Tokens.

Similarly, there’s also a weekly contribution leaderboard that keeps track of the top contributors for the entire week. The rewards for the weekly contributions become available when at least three members have each contributed more than 60,000 points.

Any member who achieves this level of contribution becomes eligible for rewards at the end of the week. Here’s the breakdown of the weekly Alliance Contribution rewards:

1st Place weekly contributor: Receives 1,500 gems and 10,000 Alliance Tokens.
2nd Place weekly contributor: Receives 1,000 gems and 5,000 Alliance Tokens.
3rd Place weekly contributor: Receives 500 gems and 2,500 Alliance Tokens.
Other weekly contributors: Receive 250 gems and 2,500 Alliance Tokens.

The rewards for your contributions are sent to you via mail. You’ll receive your daily contribution rewards at the conclusion of each day, and your weekly contribution rewards will arrive at the end of the week.

Long Live Our Alliance

Inside the Alliance tech research area, specifically in the “battle” sub-section, you’ll find the last research called “Long Live Our Alliance.” This unique research enables Alliance members to continue making Alliance Contributions, even when all the available projects have reached their maximum levels.

This helpful feature ensures that Alliance members can still earn Alliance Tokens, even after their Alliance has completed all available research and no longer requires contributions for research purposes. Additionally, this functionality lets members complete their daily Alliance Contribution missions, keeping the engagement alive.


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