Infantry Camp Whiteout Survival

Infantry Camp

The Infantry Camp is an essential military building in Whiteout Survival. It becomes available once your Furnace reaches level 7. Here, you can train soldiers belonging to the Infantry class, who play an important role in your army.

The Infantry Camp offers a total of 30 levels, and as you upgrade it, you unlock several benefits. Firstly, the training time for Infantry troops becomes faster with each level. Additionally, you can train a larger number of troops as you progress.

Upgrading the Infantry Camp holds even more significance because it grants you access to better Infantry Class troops at certain levels. For instance, when your Infantry Camp reaches level 4, you gain the ability to train Tier-2 Infantries, also known as “Trained Infantries.” Similarly, at Infantry Camp level 7, you can unlock Tier-3 Infantries, known as “Senior Infantries.”

The Infantry class consists of ten tiers in total, with the most powerful Tier-X becoming available at Infantry Camp level 30. As you advance to higher tiers, your Infantry Troops improve in Defense, Attack, Health, Lethality, and Load, making them more effective in battle.

In the early stages, from level 1 to 3, you can upgrade the Infantry Camp using wood alone. However, as you aim to reach higher levels (starting from level 4), the upgrading process becomes more complex.

To upgrade the Infantry Camp to level 4 and beyond, you will need to gather not only wood but also coal.

As you continue advancing and reach level 6, another resource becomes necessary for upgrading: iron. Now, you’ll need a combination of iron, coal, and wood to further upgrade your Infantry Camp and make it better.

The challenges keep growing as you climb the ranks, and from level 11 onwards, yet another resource becomes essential: meat. To upgrade your Infantry Camp past level 11, you’ll need to gather meat, in addition to iron, coal, and wood.

Infantry Camp Upgrade Requirements

LevelFurnace LevelWoodCoalIronMeatUpgrade TimeTraining CapacityTraining SpeedUnlocks
17N/AN/AN/AN/A2s170.3%Tier-1 Infantry
471,400285N/AN/A2m 5s301%Tier-2 Infantry
576,0001,200N/AN/A4m 30s351.3%None
7755,00011,0002,700N/A18m431.8%Tier-3 Infantry
99200,00041,00010,000N/A40m 30s522.4%None
1111460,00092,00023,000460,0001h 7m 30s612.9%Tier-4 Infantry
1212580,000110,00029,000580,0001h 21m653.2%None
1313830,000160,00041,000830,0001h 39m693.4%Tier-5 Infantry + Troop Promotions
14141,100,000220,00055,0001,100,0002h 6m763.7%None
15151,600,000320,00081,0001,600,0002h 42m844.0%None
16162,000,000410,000100,0002,000,0004h 34m924.2%Tier-6 Infantry
17173,200,000650,000160,0003,200,0005h 29m1014.5%None
18184,300,000870,000210,0004,300,0006h 35m1094.8%None
19195,400,0001,000,000270,0005,400,0009h 52m1175.0%Tier-7 Infantry
20207,500,0001,500,000370,0007,500,00012h 20m 30s1265.3%None
21219,500,0001,900,000470,0009,500,00016h 2m 30s1345.6%None
222212,000,0002,500,000630,00012,000,0001d 4m1425.8%Tier-8 Infantry
232315,000,0003,100,000780,00015,000,0001d 9h 42m1516.1%None
242421,000,0004,200,0001,000,00021,000,0001d 23h 11m1596.4%None
252528,000,0005,700,0001,400,00028,000,0002d 18h 3m1676.7%None
262636,000,0007,300,0001,800,00036,000,0003d 3h 57m1766.9%Tier-9 Infantry
272752,000,00010,000,0002,600,00052,000,0003d 19h 9m1847.2%None
282869,000,00013,000,0003,400,00069,000,0004d 8h 49m1927.4%None
292986,000,00017,000,0004,300,00086,000,0005d 33m2017.7%None
3030100,000,00021,000,0005,800,000100,000,0006d 40m2098.0%Tier-10 Infantry
Infantry Camp Upgrade Requirements

Fire Crystal Upgrades

Reaching level 30 with your Infantry Camp is a significant achievement in Whiteout Survival. At this point, you unlock a whole new set of upgrades known as Fire Crystal Upgrades, which can greatly enhance your military expertise.

To take advantage of these extra upgrades, you’ll need to obtain Fire Crystals in addition to the regular resources like Wood, Meat, Coal, and Iron. These Fire Crystals are a rare and valuable resource that adds an extra layer of challenge and strategy to the game.

LevelFurnace LevelWoodCoalIronMeatFire CrystalsUpgrade TimeTraining CapacityTraining SpeedUnlocks
30-1FC123,000,0004,700,0001,100,00023,000,000591d 1h 12m2148.0%None
30-2FC123,000,0004,700,0001,100,00023,000,000591d 1h 12m2198.0%None
30-3FC123,000,0004,700,0001,100,00023,000,000591d 1h 12m2248.0%None
30-4FC123,000,0004,700,0001,100,00023,000,000591d 1h 12m2298.0%None
FC1FC123,000,0004,700,0001,100,00023,000,000591d 1h 12m2348.3%FC1 Infantry
FC1-1FC225,000,0005,000,0001,200,00025,000,000711d 8h 24m2398.3%None
FC1-2FC225,000,0005,000,0001,200,00025,000,000711d 8h 24m2448.3%None
FC1-3FC225,000,0005,000,0001,200,00025,000,000711d 8h 24m2498.3%None
FC1-4FC225,000,0005,000,0001,200,00025,000,000711d 8h 24m2548.3%None
FC2FC225,000,0005,000,0001,200,00025,000,000711d 8h 24m2598.6%FC2 Infantry
FC2-1FC327,000,0005,500,0001,300,00027,000,0001071d 15h 36m2648.6%None
FC2-2FC327,000,0005,500,0001,300,00027,000,0001071d 15h 36m2698.6%None
FC2-3FC327,000,0005,500,0001,300,00027,000,0001071d 15h 36m2748.6%None
FC2-4FC327,000,0005,500,0001,300,00027,000,0001071d 15h 36m2798.6%None
FC3FC327,000,0005,500,0001,300,00027,000,0001071d 15h 36m2848.9%FC3 Infantry
Infantry Camp’s Fire Crystal Upgrades

Infantry Camp’s Unlocks

As you continue upgrading your Infantry Camp to specific levels, you’ll unlock access to better troop tiers. These higher-tier troops come with improved statistics, making them more powerful and effective in various situations.

As a result, your army’s rally power will significantly increase when facing all types of opponents in battles. Here is the list of troop tiers that you can unlock with Infantry Camp upgrades:

  • When Infantry Camp is upgraded to level 4, it unlocks Trained Infantry (Tier-2).
  • When Infantry Camp is upgraded to level 7, it unlocks Senior Infantry (Tier-3).
  • When Infantry Camp is upgraded to level 11, it unlocks Veteran Infantry (Tier-4).
  • When Infantry Camp is upgraded to level 13, it unlocks Hardy Infantry (Tier-5) and the ability to promote lower-tier troops.
  • When Infantry Camp is upgraded to level 16, it unlocks Heroic Infantry (Tier-6).
  • When Infantry Camp is upgraded to level 19, it unlocks Brave Infantry (Tier-7).
  • When Infantry Camp is upgraded to level 22, it unlocks Elite Infantry (Tier-8).
  • When Infantry Camp is upgraded to level 26, it unlocks Supreme Infantry (Tier-9).
  • When Infantry Camp is upgraded to level 30, it unlocks Apex Infantry (Tier-10).


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