Lancer Camp Whiteout Survival

Lancer Camp

Lancer Camp in Whiteout Survival is a military building for training Lancer troops. You can unlock it by upgrading your city’s Furnace to level 9. The camp offers a total of 30 upgrade levels.

As you reach specific level milestones with Lancer Camp, you can train more advanced tiers of Lancer troops. These troops come in 10 tiers, with higher tiers having improved stats.

When you upgrade Lancer Camp, it not only unlocks higher troop tiers but also boosts training capacity and speed. At its peak level of 30, the Lancer Camp achieves a training speed of 8.0% (starting at 0.3% at level 1) and a training capacity of 209 (from 17 at level 1).

Types of Troops in Lancer Camp

In the Lancer Camp, there are a total of 10 distinct troop tiers. These tiers unlock as you achieve designated Lancer Camp levels. The final tier, the Apex Lancer, becomes available when your Lancer Camp goes to level 30.

A big milestone arrives at Lancer Camp level 19, giving you access to Brave Lancers. This upgrade also unlocks the second ability of Lancer troops. Before the Brave Lancers, the lower tiers of Lancers are equipped with just one ability, which is the “Charge.”

However, from the ranks of Brave Lancer and beyond, a new horizon opens up. The second ability of Lancers, known as “Ambusher,” becomes available, increasing their tactical expertise and introducing a fresh dynamic to their abilities.

Here is the list of troop tiers available in the Lancer Camp:

  • Rookie Lancer
  • Trained Lancer
  • Senior Lancer
  • Veteran Lancer
  • Hardy Lancer
  • Heroic Lancer
  • Brave Lancer
  • Elite Lancer
  • Supreme Lancer
  • Apex Lancer

Lancer Camp Upgrade Requirements

LevelFurnace RequirementUpgrade TimeUnlocksTraining CapacityTraining SpeedWoodMeatCoalIron
192sTier-1 Troops170.3%N/AN/AN/AN/A
492m 15sTier 2 Troops301.0%1400N/A285N/A
594m 30sN/A351.3%6000N/A1200N/A
7918mTier 3 Troops431.8%55000N/A110002700
9940m 30sN/A522.4%200000N/A4100010000
11111h 7m 30sTier 4 Troops612.9%4600004600009200023000
12121h 21mN/A653.2%58000058000011000029000
13131h 39mTier 5 Troops, Troop Promotion693.4%83000083000016000041000
14142h 6mN/A763.7%1100000110000022000055000
15152h 42mN/A844.0%1600000160000032000081000
16164h 34mTier 6 Troops924.2%20000002000000410000100000
17175h 29mN/A1014.5%32000003200000650000160000
18186h 35mN/A1094.8%43000004300000870000210000
19199h 52m 30sTier 7 Troops1175.0%540000054000001000000270000
202012h 20m 30sN/A1265.3%750000075000001500000370000
212116h 2m 30sN/A1345.6%950000095000001900000470000
22221d 4mTier 8 Troops1425.8%12000000120000002500000630000
23231d 9h 42mN/A1516.1%15000000150000003100000780000
24241d 23h 11mN/A1596.4%210000002100000042000001000000
25252d 18h 3mN/A1676.7%280000002800000057000001400000
26263d 3h 57mTier 9 Troops1766.9%360000003600000073000001800000
27273d 19h 9mN/A1847.2%5200000052000000100000002600000
28284d 8h 49mN/A1927.4%6900000069000000130000003400000
29295d 33mN/A2017.7%8600000086000000170000004300000
30306d 40mTier 10 Troops2098.0%100000000100000000210000005200000
Lancer Camp Upgrade Requirements

Fire Crystal Upgrade

When the Lancer Camp reaches level 30, you can access its Fire Crystal upgrades. These upgrades need Fire Crystal along with usual resources like wood, meat, coal, and iron.

The Fire Crystal Lancer Camp allows you to train Fire Crystal troops. These troops are stronger than regular Lancers and come with an extra ability.

LevelFurnace RequirementUpgrade TimeUnlocksTraining CapacityTraining SpeedWoodMeatCoalIron
30-1FC 11d 01:12:00N/A2148.0%23,000,00023,000,0004,700,0001,100,000
30-2FC 11d 01:12:00N/A2198.0%23,000,00023,000,0004,700,0001,100,000
30-3FC 11d 01:12:00N/A2248.0%23,000,00023,000,0004,700,0001,100,000
30-4FC 11d 01:12:00N/A2298.0%23,000,00023,000,0004,700,0001,100,000
FC 1FC 11d 01:12:00FC1 Troops2348.3%23,000,00023,000,0004,700,0001,100,000
FC 1-1FC 21d 08:24:00N/A2398.3%25,000,00025,000,0005,000,0001,200,000
FC 1-2FC 21d 08:24:00N/A2448.3%25,000,00025,000,0005,000,0001,200,000
FC 1-3FC 21d 08:24:00N/A2498.3%25,000,00025,000,0005,000,0001,200,000
FC 1-4FC 21d 08:24:00N/A2548.3%25,000,00025,000,0005,000,0001,200,000
FC 2FC 21d 08:24:00FC2 Troops2598.6%25,000,00025,000,0005,000,0001,200,000
FC 2-1FC 31d 15:36:00N/A2648.6%27,000,00027,000,0005,500,0001,300,000
FC 2-2FC 31d 15:36:00N/A2698.6%27,000,00027,000,0005,500,0001,300,000
FC 2-3FC 31d 15:36:00N/A2748.6%27,000,00027,000,0005,500,0001,300,000
FC 2-4FC 31d 15:36:00N/A2798.6%27,000,00027,000,0005,500,0001,300,000
FC 3FC 31d 15:36:00FC3 Troops2848.9%27,000,00027,000,0005,500,0001,300,000
Lancer Camp’s Fire Crystal Upgrades

Lancer Camp’s Unlocks

As your Lancer Camp levels up, you unlock specific troop tiers. The higher a troop’s level, the stronger its Power, Attack, Defense, Health, Lethality, and Load become. Here is the list of unlocks in the Lancer Camp:

  • When Lancer Camp reaches level 4, you get access to Trained Lancer.
  • When Lancer Camp reaches level 7, you get access to Senior Lancer.
  • When Lancer Camp reaches level 11, you get access to Veteran Lancer.
  • When Lancer Camp reaches level 13, you get access to Hardy Lancer.
  • When Lancer Camp reaches level 16, you get access to Heroic Lancer.
  • When Lancer Camp reaches level 19, you get access to Brave Lancer.
  • When Lancer Camp reaches level 22, you get access to Elite Lancer.
  • When Lancer Camp reaches level 26, you get access to Supreme Lancer.
  • When Lancer Camp reaches level 30, you get access to Apex Lancer.


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