Lighthouse Whiteout Survival


The Lighthouse is a building in Whiteout Survival that provides intel on nearby beasts, exploration battles, and survivor-rescuing missions. These missions offer rewards such as Hero Shards, Hero XP, Manuals, troops, and Hero Gear.

Unlock requirements:

  • Furnace Level 7

Types of available missions:

  • Beast Hunting
  • Advanced Bounty
  • A Hero’s Journey
  • Rescue Survivors


  • Lighthouse can reach a maximum level of 20.
  • As the Lighthouse’s level increases, the quality of intel missions also increases which means you get better rewards from these missions.
  • Mythic Missions provide the best rewards, epic missions are second in line, and common missions are the last type of rewards.
  • You receive hero shards for Mythic Heroes from intel missions at generation 4 and higher.
  • You can also hunt Firebeasts in the Lighthouse during Flame and Fangs events.


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