Flame and Fangs

Flame and Fangs is an event in Whiteout Survival that occurs after the State of Power event in your state. During this event, your task is to defeat Firebeasts in Intel Missions to collect Crystallite Cores. Once you’ve gathered Crystallite Cores, you can trade them for a range of different items and rewards.

How does Flame and Fangs Event work?

When the Flame and Fangs event kicks off on your server, you can make your way to the Lighthouse to access Intel Missions. This is where you’ll notice several changes on the Intel Missions screen.

Firstly, there will be crystals displayed on the Intel Missions map. What’s more, you’ll find specific Intel Missions that require you to take on Firehunters in order to collect those precious Crystallite Cores. Firehunters prove to be the most rewarding source of these Cores, giving you ten Crystallite Cores upon their defeat.

While you can still earn Crystallite Cores from regular Intel Missions, the amount you receive will pale in comparison to the bounty you get from Firehunters. Regular Intel Missions will only provide you with one Crystallite Core.

What to do with Crystallite Cores?

Once you’ve collected a sufficient number of Crystallite Cores, you have the option to trade them for Fire Crystals. This exchange is particularly beneficial, as Fire Crystals are quite rare, and the daily missions provide only a small amount of them.

The exchange rate is straightforward – you can swap five Crystallite Cores for an equal number of Fire Crystals. This offers a great opportunity to stock up on Fire Crystals, which can be incredibly useful in the game later on.

In addition to Fire Crystals, your Crystallite Cores can also be used to obtain various other items, such as speed-up, resources, and Hero XP. However, it’s recommended to prioritize spending your Crystallite Cores on Fire Crystals during this event, given their scarcity and the advantage they can provide to your in-game progress.

To exchange your Crystallite Cores for rewards, follow these simple steps: Just navigate to the “Events” tab and locate the section labeled “Flame and Fangs.” In this section, you’ll find a variety of items that you can redeem using your hard-earned Crystallite Cores.

What happens to the Unredeemed Crystallite Cores?

Any unused Crystallite Cores from the Flame and Fangs event will automatically be converted into a resource – 10,000 units of Meat each. To make the most of your efforts, be sure to redeem all your Crystallite Cores before the event’s conclusion. Otherwise, you may find yourself with a surplus of Meat, which, while useful, might not be as good as the rewards you can obtain by exchanging your Cores during the event.

So, remember to put those Crystallite Cores to good use and maximize your gains before it’s too late!


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