Fishing Tips

Every month in Whiteout Survival, there’s a special event where you can go fishing. Fishing can be tough, but we’ve got some useful tips to help you improve and catch better fish. Let’s take a closer look at a few fishing tips that can give you an edge in the Fishing Tournament.

Use the Retreat Button More

When you’re fishing, as your fishing line goes down, it might hit things like objects or other fish. This can make your line start going back up without going deep enough. The rarer fish are found in the deeper parts, so that’s where you want to focus your efforts.

If you bump into fish too early and your line starts going back up before reaching the depths, you can use the ‘Retreat’ button. This helps you go back and try again without losing your bait or Treasure Charts.

Feel free to use the retreat button as often as you need if you don’t reach the depth you’re aiming for. You’ll find the retreat button when you press the pause button at the top right corner of your screen. Upon pressing pause, you’ll have the option to retreat or continue.

Stay in the Corners

When your fishing line is going down, it’s a good idea to stay in a corner, either on the left or right side. I personally like staying in the left corner, which helps me reach really deep depths.

The corners tend to have fewer fish and objects, so you don’t have to dodge as many things to reach the deeper parts. This strategy is especially useful when you can’t see much past 300 meters, and being in a corner helps you avoid running into fish at these greater depths.

Prefer Using Special Items in Frosty Prospector

Special items, like the Lantern, can be a big help when you’re fishing. These items come with special abilities. For instance, the Lantern helps you see even when you’re more than 300 meters deep.

It’s a good idea to use these special items, especially in the Frosty Prospector mode. This mode is great for catching rare fish species. In Frosty Prospector, you’ll find rarer fish and items, and you can earn a lot more Fishing Tokens compared to the Ice Fishing mode.

If you don’t have Treasure Charts to play Frosty Prospector, then your only option is the regular Ice Fishing. Save your special items for Ice Fishing, especially when your Fishing Kit is maxed out at level 10.


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