Fishing Tournament

The Fishing Tournament happens once a month in Whiteout Survival. It’s an opportunity to fish and win great rewards! Each Fishing Tournament is linked to a particular season. During every season, you may come across a diverse range of fish. Certain fish are present throughout the year, but some are only found during specific seasons.

How to Fish

Participating in the Fishing Tournament is a straightforward process. When you begin fishing, your hook will gradually descend into the water. The goal is to avoid hitting fish and other objects while your hook descends, allowing it to reach the deeper areas.

You have the ability to move the hook both left and right as it descends to avoid fish. The most rare fish are found in the deepest parts, making it the objective to go as deep as possible.

After the hook stops its descent, you can hook the fish you desire by swiping the hook towards a fish’s mouth.

Fishing Options

In the game, there are two different fishing options: Ice Fishing and Frosty Prospector.

Ice Fishing

In Ice Fishing, you use bait to catch fish. When the Fishing Tournament begins, you receive 5 baits right away. Later on, you automatically receive one bait every 3 hours, and you can have a maximum of 10 baits.

Frosty Prospector

In Frosty Prospector, you need Treasure Charts to start fishing. Each fishing attempt in this mode requires the use of one Treasure Chart. Treasure Charts are relatively rare and can only be obtained through two methods: purchasing them as part of the Fishing Pro Set or achieving specific milestones in the Ice Fishing Club.

An important point to remember is that, in Ice Fishing, you must upgrade your Fishing Kit to improve your fishing experience, whereas, in Frosty Prospector, your Fishing Kit is already at its maximum level.

Frosty Prospector also offers access to rare fish and opportunities to find sunken chests.

Fishing Kit

The Fishing Kit includes three essential items: Line, Hook, and Sinker. These items can be improved by using Fishing Token, which you earn by successfully catching fish.

At the beginning, your Fishing Kit starts at level 1 and has the potential to progress to a maximum level of 10. As you catch more fish and earn Fishing Tokens, you can steadily upgrade and improve each item of your Fishing Kit.


The Line in your Fishing Kit has a critical role in the Fishing Tournament. It determines how deep your hook can go into the water. When you max out your Line, it enables you to reach impressive depths of up to 550 meters.

The Line is particularly important because the rarest fish are typically found at greater depths.


The Hook in your Fishing Kit is directly tied to the number of fish you can catch in a single fishing attempt. When you upgrade your Hook, it increases its capacity to hold a greater number of fish during each fishing attempt.


In your Fishing Kit, the Sinker is the third essential item. Its role is to establish the initial depth from which you begin your fishing attempt. This allows you to evade fish until the Sinker stops descending. With a fully upgraded Sinker, you can safely start fishing from a depth of up to 150 meters within the water.

Special Items

During Fishing Tournament, there are four special items that can enhance your fishing experience. You can obtain these items either by purchasing the Fishing Pro Set or by achieving specific milestones in the Ice Fishing Club.

These four special items are the Horn of Poseidon, Reel Stabilizer, Ocean Scanner, and Lantern.

Horn of Poseidon

When you use the Horn of Poseidon, you gain the ability to summon a particular fish of your choosing for your current fishing attempt. This fish will only be available during that specific attempt, and you may fail to catch it if you’re unable to reach it.

To help you catch the summoned fish, the distance between your hook and the summoned fish will be clearly displayed during your fishing attempt, making it easy for you to track its location.

Reel Stabilizer

The Reel Stabilizer protects your hook while it descends, allowing you to hit more fish and items before your line retracts. This extra protection lets you bump into two additional items before your line stops descending.

Ocean Scanner

The Ocean Scanner displays where and how far rare fishes are from your hook as it goes up. This makes it easier for you to capture these rare fish.


Once your line reaches a depth of 300 meters, it becomes challenging to spot nearby fish and items, making it harder to avoid them. The Lantern, however, illuminates the water up to that depth, enabling you to see beyond 300 meters and navigate more easily.


In the Fishing Tournament event, there are four kinds of guides: Fish Guide, Diver Guide, Chest Guide, and Memorabilia Guide. Each guide provides a Star Rating and Gems when you catch a fish, chest, memorabilia, or diver for the first time.

The Star Rating can unlock chests with rewards like gems. Additionally, collecting a specific number of guides gives you access to special skins that offer beneficial buffs to your troops.

Rare fishes contribute higher Star Ratings, which are visible in the Guide section at the top left corner of each fish’s tab.

After catching 150 fish, you earn the Treasure Stronghold skin for your Furnace, which provides a +2% bonus to Troop Attack. If you manage to catch 10 divers, you’ll receive the Ice Journey skin for your march transport, offering a +5% speed boost for solo marches.

Furthermore, collecting 10 chests gives you the Romance of Sailors nameplate, while gathering 10 pieces of memorabilia awards you the Romance of Sailors avatar frame.


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