Armament Competition

Armament Competition is an event in Whiteout Survival where you need to earn points to reach specific milestones in order to unlock rewards. These rewards can differ depending on the generation of your state.

Rewards can include items like Chief Charms upgrade materials, Fire Crystals, gems, skill manuals, resources, and items to speed up your progress. The first Armament Competition happens after the State of Power event.

Armament Competition Tasks

To obtain points during the Armament Competition, you have the option to select from various tasks. Here is the list of tasks you can do:

  • Use 1 Fire Crystal(s) to upgrade the building – 100 Points
  • Use 1 Fire Crystal Shard(s) for Tech Research – 50 Points
  • Raise max Chief Gear score by 1 – 3 Points
  • Use 1 Hero Gear Essence Stone(s) – 800 Points
  • Use 1 Widget(s) of any Hero Exclusive Gear – 1,600 Points
  • Use 1m of Speedups – 1 Points

One of the tasks at your disposal involves upgrading your buildings using Fire Crystals. This option becomes available once your Furnace reaches Fire Crystal level 1. Fire Crystals are quite rare, making this task somewhat challenging. Nevertheless, it’s rewarding, as you receive 100 points for each Fire Crystal used in this process.

There are additional ways to score points. Upgrading your Chief Gears is one option. Another task involves using Essence Stones on Mythic Gears, resulting in 800 points. For maximum points, consider using widgets for Hero Exclusive Gear, which rewards 1600 points.

Lastly, you can opt for an easier task by using Speedups on building upgrades, research, or training, all contributing to their point tally.

How to Prepare for Armament Competition?

To prepare for the Armament Competition, it’s wise to begin saving Essence Stones, Widgets, and Fire Crystals before the event kicks off. This preparatory strategy will enable you to reach the point milestones required to claim fantastic rewards.

If you’re ambitious, you can aim for the top spot on the event leaderboard for even more impressive prizes.

To stay well-prepared, regularly check the in-game event calendar, and when you notice that the Armament Competition is just a few days away, start stockpiling these items. The first Armament Competition typically follows the State of Power event.

Armament Competition Rewards

During the Armament Competition event, you have the opportunity to earn a range of rewards by reaching specific point milestones. The most rewarding milestone is at 17,000 points, while the first milestone starts at 580 points. In total, there are four key milestones to aim for.

The rewards include resources, speedups, hero xp, gems, fire crystals, chief charm materials, and skill manuals, providing you with nice rewards as you progress in the competition.

In addition to milestone rewards, there are ranking rewards tied to your position on the leaderboard in Honor Ranking. This leaderboard features all Chiefs in your state and their respective points.

The top 100 Chiefs with the highest points receive these special leaderboard rewards. These rewards comprise gems, recruitment keys, and speedups, providing an extra incentive to compete for a top position in the ranking.


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