Research Center Whiteout Survival

Research Center

The Research Center is an important building in Whiteout Survival, becoming available once your Furnace reaches level 9. This special building offers upgrades for various aspects of the game.

For example, by focusing on “Meat Output” research, you can increase the amount of Meat produced by the Hunter’s Hut. The same principle applies to Coal, Wood, and Iron, each having its own dedicated research options.

To conduct research in the Research Center, you’ll need resources such as Wood, Meat, Coal, Iron, and Steel. As you progress through research levels, the amount of resources and time required will increase, so plan wisely to make the most of your research efforts.

How does Research Center work?

As you upgrade the Research Center, you’ll unlock new research levels and improve the research speed. The Research Center consists of three different tabs: Growth, Economy, and Battle, each offering unique research opportunities to enhance different aspects of your gameplay.

In the Growth section, you can work on upgrades related to the overall progress of your game. For instance, the “Ward Expansion” research can increase Infirmary Capacity, “Camp Expansion” research boosts troop train capacity in Military Buildings, and “Tool Enhancement” research accelerates the Research Center’s own research speed. And these are just a few examples; there are more research options available in the Growth section.

Similarly, the Economy Section allows you to focus on researches that increase the resource output of your resource buildings. These upgrades give you a steady flow of resources to use on different upgrades.

In the Battle Section of the Research Center, you can work on upgrades related to combat. You can improve the attacks of different troop classes like Infantry, Marksman, and Lancer which makes them stronger in battles.

Research Center Upgrade Requirements

LevelFurnace LevelWoodCoalIronMeatUpgrade TimeResearch Speed
491,600320N/AN/A2m 15s0.4%
596,8001,300N/AN/A4m 30s0.5%
99230,00047,00011,000N/A40m 30s0.9%
1111520,000100,00026,000520,0001h 7m 30s1.1%
1212670,000130,00033,000670,0001h 21m1.2%
1313950,000190,00047,000950,0001h 39m1.3%
14141,200,000250,00063,0001,200,0002h 6m1.4%
15151,800,000370,00093,0001,800,0002h 42m1.5%
16162,300,000470,000110,0002,300,0004h 34m1.6%
17173,700,000740,000180,0003,700,0005h 29m1.7%
18185,000,0001,000,000250,0005,000,0006h 35m1.8%
19196,200,0001,200,000310,0006,200,0009h 52m1.9%
20208,600,0001,700,000430,0008,600,00012h 20m 30s2.0%
212110,000,0002,100,000540,00010,000,00016h 2m 30s2.1%
222214,000,0002,800,000720,00014,000,0001d 4m2.2%
232317,000,0003,500,000890,00017,000,0001d 9h 42m2.3%
242424,000,0004,800,0001,200,00024,000,0001d 23h 11m2.4%
252532,000,0006,500,0001,600,00032,000,0002d 18h 3m2.5%
262642,000,0008,400,0002,100,00042,000,0003d 3h 57m2.6%
272759,000,00011,000,0002,900,00059,000,0003d 19h 9m2.7%
282879,000,00015,000,0003,900,00079,000,0004d 8h 49m2.8%
292998,000,00019,000,0004,900,00098,000,0005d 33m2.9%
3030120,000,00024,000,0006,000,000120,000,0006d 40m3.0%
Research Center Upgrade Requirements

Fire Crystal Upgrades

When your Research Center reaches level 30, which can be accomplished when your Furnace also reaches level 30, you’ll unlock a new and exciting phase in the game: Fire Crystal upgrades.

These unique upgrades are more advanced and powerful, but they come with an additional requirement – you’ll need Fire Crystals, in addition to the regular resources, to carry out these special enhancements.

LevelFurnace LevelFire CrystalsWoodMeatCoalIronUpgrade Time
FC1-1FC27136,000,00036,000,0007,200,0001,800,0001d 19h 12m
FC1-2FC27136,000,00036,000,0007,200,0001,800,0001d 19h 12m
FC1-3FC27136,000,00036,000,0007,200,0001,800,0001d 19h 12m
FC1-4FC27136,000,00036,000,0007,200,0001,800,0001d 19h 12m
FC2FC27136,000,00036,000,0007,200,0001,800,0001d 19h 12m
FC2-1FC310739,000,00039,000,0007,900,0001,900,0002d 4h 48m
FC2-2FC310739,000,00039,000,0007,900,0001,900,0002d 4h 48m
FC2-3FC310739,000,00039,000,0007,900,0001,900,0002d 4h 48m
FC2-4FC310739,000,00039,000,0007,900,0001,900,0002d 4h 48m
FC3FC310739,000,00039,000,0007,900,0001,900,0002d 4h 48m
FC3-1FC412641,000,00041,000,0008,200,0002,000,0002d 9h 36m
FC3-2FC412641,000,00041,000,0008,200,0002,000,0002d 9h 36m
FC3-3FC412641,000,00041,000,0008,200,0002,000,0002d 9h 36m
FC3-4FC412641,000,00041,000,0008,200,0002,000,0002d 9h 36m
FC4FC412641,000,00041,000,0008,200,0002,000,0002d 9h 36m
FC4-1FC515042,000,00042,000,0008,200,0002,100,0002d 19h 12m
FC4-2FC515042,000,00042,000,0008,200,0002,100,0002d 19h 12m
FC4-3FC515042,000,00042,000,0008,200,0002,100,0002d 19h 12m
FC4-4FC515042,000,00042,000,0008,200,0002,100,0002d 19h 12m
FC5FC515042,000,00042,000,0008,200,0002,100,0002d 19h 12m
Research Center Fire Crystal Upgrades


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