Drill Camp Whiteout Survival

Drill Camp

In Whiteout Survival, reaching level 13 with your Furnace unlocks a special feature called Drill Camp. You can find Drill Camp in the Heroes tab, located at the bottom left corner of your screen, just to the right of the Exploration tab.

How does Drill Camp Work?

Drill Camp serves multiple purposes that can be really helpful.

Firstly, it lets you select five of your best and well-upgraded heroes as Drill Instructors. Once you’ve chosen these five heroes, the other heroes in your team with lower levels will automatically be boosted to the same level as the lowest-level Drill Instructor.

For example, if your Drill Instructors are at level 40, the rest of the heroes in the Drill Camp will be instantly upgraded to level 40 as well. This way, you can strengthen your entire team more effectively.

Additionally, the Drill Camp provides 15 slots for your heroes, and you can unlock these slots by upgrading the Furnace. Unlocking the extra slots allows you to add more of your lower-level heroes to the Drill Camp.

Another important purpose of the Drill Camp is that it offers the option to reset hero levels. When you choose to reset a hero, you will receive back all the XP you had previously invested in upgrading them. This feature comes in handy when you want to prioritize certain heroes over others.

You can use this reset ability to free up XP from less important heroes and allocate it to more important ones, like the Drill Instructors. It helps you optimize your team’s strength by concentrating resources where they matter most.

Moreover, if the hero you reset happens to be in the Drill Camp, something great happens. After the reset, that hero will automatically be upgraded to the level of the lowest Drill Camp instructor.

This means you not only get back your spent XP but also ensure that the hero’s level remains at its peak within the Drill Camp setup. It’s truly a win-win situation, allowing you to reclaim your XP without losing the hero’s level in the process.

This way, you can continually fine-tune your hero lineup for maximum effectiveness.

Choosing the right Drill Instructors

To optimize your progress in Whiteout Survival, the choice of Drill Instructors holds big importance. It’s highly recommended to pick your five best heroes to fill this role.

By doing so, you can concentrate on enhancing your main heroes while the other lower-level heroes in the Drill Camp will automatically rise to the level of your Drill Instructors.

This smart strategy not only saves you valuable XP but also allows you to channel your XP towards the heroes who truly matter the most. By making wise decisions about your Drill Instructors, you can efficiently strengthen your team and face the challenges ahead with confidence.


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    • Yes, you can change instructors. To do this, you need to reset the level of the instructor you want to remove from the Drill Camp. Once reset, the next highest level hero you have will take the spot of the instructor you removed.


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