Frosty Fortune

Frosty Fortune is a combination of three interconnected events in Whiteout Survival. These events are Frosty Fortune itself, Treasure Hunt Drill, and Emporium of Enigma. These events are designed to work together, as the special items you receive in one event can be used in the others.

Let’s explore these events one by one to give you a clearer understanding of how they function

Treasure Hunt Drill

Image Credits: Whiteout Survival Wiki

First, let’s begin by exploring the Treasure Hunt Drill, where you obtain your initial items. Treasure Hunt Drill consists of two different tabs: Daily Missions and the primary ‘Treasure Hunt Drill’ tab.

In the Daily Missions tab, you’ll find a variety of missions that you can complete to earn rewards such as Treasure Hunt Points, Gems of Enigma, and other items like speedups, hero XP, chests, and more. Among these, the most noteworthy rewards to look out for are the Treasure Hunt Points and Gem of Enigma.

Treasure Hunt Points

Image Credits: Whiteout Survival Wiki

Treasure Hunt Points are your key to unlocking larger rewards within the Treasure Hunt Drill tab. This tab offers a range of valuable prizes, such as Gems of Enigma, Mythic Shards, Speedups, Gems, Skill Manuals, Hero XP, and Stamina.

By obtaining Treasure Hunt Points from the Daily Missions tab, you gain access to these enticing rewards.

Gem of Enigma

The second most important item you receive from the Treasure Hunt Drill is the Gem of Enigma. These gems are used for opening chests within Frosty Fortune.

Frosty Fortune

Once you’ve obtained a sufficient number of Gems of Enigma (from Treasure Hunt Drill), you can head over to the Frosty Fortune tab located to the right of the ‘Treasure Hunt Drill’ in the game’s English version. Within this tab, you’ll find three types of chests: Splendid Chest, Exquisite Chest, and Standard Chest. You can use your Gems of Enigma to open these chests.

Keep in mind that finding Thorn of Enigma in these chests is a matter of luck, as the odds are lower compared to other items like Shards. Additionally, each time you open a chest, you earn points that contribute to unlocking milestone rewards, as displayed in the image above.

Emporium of Enigma

Now, let’s explore the third and most important tab within this event, the ‘Emporium of Enigma.’ In this tab, the Thorn of Enigma that you’ve collected by opening chests in the Frosty Fortune tab can be exchanged for a variety of rare items, including skins that provide beneficial buffs.

Your Thorn of Enigma can be redeemed for Essence Stones, Skins, Shards, Mythic Hero Gear Chests, and much more. Remember that unused Thorn of Engima will be converted into resources at the end of the event.


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