Brothers in Arms

The “Brothers in Arms” event is one of the milestone-based events in Whiteout Survival. In this event, you need to achieve specific point milestones to earn rewards. To do this, you have to attack enemy cities and either defeat their troops or cause injuries to them.

Your points in this event are determined by how many enemy troops you manage to injure and the level of those troops. Let’s look into the finer details of this event.

Brothers in Arms Tasks

To obtain points in the “Brothers in Arms” event, your main focus is to either defeat or cause injuries to enemy troops. You can accomplish this by launching attacks on enemy cities or by targeting the resource farms where other players are gathering resources.

Additionally, you can also earn points by taking part in the Castle Battle or Fortress Battle. However, the losses your own troops may face in these events are big and often not worth the points gained through this method.

Points in this event are awarded based on the following criteria for defeating or injuring enemy troops:

  • Defeating or injuring 1st level troops: 1 point
  • Defeating or injuring 2nd level troops: 1 point
  • Defeating or injuring 3rd level troops: 2 points
  • Defeating or injuring 4th level troops: 3 points
  • Defeating or injuring 5th level troops: 4 points
  • Defeating or injuring 6th level troops: 5 points
  • Defeating or injuring 7th level troops: 7 points
  • Defeating or injuring 8th level troops: 9 points
  • Defeating or injuring 9th level troops: 11 points
  • Defeating or injuring 10th level troops: 13 points

Event Rewards

Similar to other milestone events within Whiteout Survival, the Brothers in Arms event offers participants two kinds of rewards: Milestone Rewards and Leaderboard Rewards.

Milestone Rewards

Milestone Rewards in the Brothers in Arms event are determined by the server’s generation, but they generally include items like speedups, resources, gems, and skill manuals. To claim these rewards, you need to reach specific point milestones.

The first milestone starts at 1,000 points, while the final one is at 217,000 points. The rewards from the first three milestones might not seem good enough to justify the risk of potentially losing your troops. However, the fourth milestone, which offers gems and skill manuals, is definitely a worthwhile goal to aim for.

Leaderboard Rewards

The second set of rewards in the Brothers in Arms event are Leaderboard Rewards, which function similarly to other point-based events.

To earn these rewards, you must engage in a competition with fellow chiefs in your state, aiming to secure a spot on the leaderboard based on your obtained points. The top 100 players with the highest point totals in your state receive these rewards, which typically consist of gems and speedups.

Brothers in Arms Tips

The most effective way to obtain points in the Brothers in Arms event is by targeting inactive cities located on the outer edges of the map, particularly within the Icefield Area. These cities often have damaged barricades, making it easier to breach their defenses without the need for time-consuming Barricade burning.

For better results, it’s recommended to conduct rallies with your fellow alliance members rather than going solo. This not only saves time but also proves beneficial if you decide to attack active cities rather than inactive ones.

The second most reliable method for earning points in this event involves attacking players who are gathering resources from resource tiles. Often, you’ll notice members of other alliances collecting resources near your banners. By engaging these troops, you can obtain a large amount of points while disrupting enemy’s resource collection efforts.


4 thoughts on “Brothers in Arms”

  1. Hello. Was there a ‘Brothets in arms’ event 24/5 (24th of may?) in state 968? Because i dont remember it being KE. I had just left my alliance…and all the big alliances invited me. And when I declined all they all attacked me an a zeroed me :/ and now they are saying they did it during ke…which I was 100% certain of at the time wasn’t happening…

    • The event timelines are specific to each state. No one can definitively say if there was an event on May 24th; only the actual game developers can provide that information.

    • No, you don’t get points for defensive kills. I’ve never seen the event auto-complete just from being attacked frequently and getting a lot of defensive kills.


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