Hero’s Mission Event

Hero’s Mission is a special event in Whiteout Survival that takes the place of Gina’s Revenge event once your state reaches generation 4. During generation 4, you can collect Philly shards from this event. Then, when your state advances to generation 5, you can gather Greg shards from Hero’s Mission. Finally, when your state reaches generation 6, you can obtain Ahmose shards from this event.

How to participate in this event?

To join the Hero’s Mission event, you must defeat beasts on the world map. Each time you defeat a beast during Hero’s Mission, there’s a chance to obtain Scattered Parts. If you don’t get any, try defeating another beast.

To do this, go to the “Events” tab, select the Hero’s Mission tab, and finally, press the “Capture the Reaper” button. This action directs you to a Reaper’s location on the world map. From there, you can launch a rally against the Reaper.

Events Rewards

During Hero’s Mission, you can earn 10 shards for the specific Mythic Hero available in the event. To gather all 10 shards, you need to defeat a total of 10 Reapers. Reapers are quite easy to defeat. As you defeat Reapers, you can open chests. These chests contain Mythic Shards and other valuable items.

Number of Reaper DefeatedRewards
11x Mythic Hero Shard, 5000 Hero XP
32x Mythic Hero Shard, 1x Lucky Hero Gear Chest, 5,000 Hero XP
52x Mythic Hero Shard, 1x Lucky Hero Gear Chest, 10,000 Hero XP
72x Mythic Hero Shard, 2x Essence Stones, 1x Lucky Hero Gear Chest, 10,000 Hero XP
103x Mythic Hero Shard, 3x Essence Stones, 2x Lucky Hero Gear Chest, 20,000 Hero XP
Hero’s Mission Rewards

The last two chests also contain Essence Stones. You can also discover Lucky Hero Gear Chests inside these chests, which can give you rare Hero Gear.

When defeating beasts in this event, you also have a chance to obtain “Loot”. This loot can be used to get various items like Hero XP, speedups, and gems. Additionally, during the event, you can exchange Scattered Parts for “Loot”.

Do you get Gina Shards during Hero’s Mission?

When the Hero’s Mission event takes over the Gina’s Revenge event, you won’t be able to collect Gina Shards anymore. To upgrade Gina during generation 4 or higher, you’ll need to redeem Epic General hero shards instead.


2 thoughts on “Hero’s Mission Event”

  1. Can you not get shards from reapers after the event ends? We were able to use the horns after the event to still collect Gina shards. Is it the same now?

    • In the Hero’s Mission Event, horns are replaced by “Loot.” This loot will remain in your inventory, allowing you to claim it even after the event ends. But, the “Loot” doesn’t contain Mythic Hero Shards. Therefore, you can only obtain shards during the event.


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