Best Use of Alliance Tokens

When you join an Alliance in Whiteout Survival, you earn Alliance Tokens by participating in events or helping with Alliance Research. These tokens can be used in the Alliance Shop to buy different items. Many players wonder what’s the best way to spend their Alliance Tokens.

Here are some recommended purchases that you should make with Alliance Tokens:

  • VIP XP
  • Teleporters
  • Speedups
  • Shield


The best thing you can buy with Alliance Tokens is VIP XP. There are 12 VIP levels in the game, and if you only rely on the free VIP XP given each day, it could take years to reach VIP level 12. Luckily, the Alliance Shop resets daily, allowing you to buy a specific amount of VIP XP using your Alliance Tokens.

As you climb VIP levels, you enjoy various perks such as daily free Mythic Shards, extra march queue, faster construction and research speed, and more. These advantages make VIP XP the top choice for spending your Alliance Tokens. By investing your Alliance Tokens in VIP XP daily, you can quickly reach higher VIP levels.


The second best option for spending your Alliance Tokens in the Alliance Shop is on Teleporters. Teleporters are essential for events like the Foundry Battle and State of Power. It’s wise to keep plenty of Teleporters in your inventory so you can use them whenever necessary.

If you find yourself with extra Alliance Tokens after purchasing VIP XP or if you can afford multiple purchases, investing in Teleporters should be your next priority.


If you have a surplus of Alliance Tokens and have already bought sufficient Teleporters and VIP XP, the next smart purchase is speedups. You can buy construction, research, and training speedups from the Alliance Shop. The availability of speedups in the shop rotates, sometimes offering only one type and other times multiple types.

It is recommended to use extra Alliance Tokens to get these speedups. They help you quickly upgrade and grow your city, saving you a lot of time on building upgrades, research, and troop training.


Another option in the Alliance Shop is purchasing a 2-hour shield for your city. Normally, this shield costs 400 gems if you buy it directly, so getting it with Alliance Tokens can save you a good amount of gems.

When you’re in an active state where you face frequent attacks, using these shields can safeguard your resources, allowing you to use them for upgrades, research, and troop training without worry. Shields provide peace of mind and help keep your city secure. This make them a worthwhile investment of your Alliance Tokens.


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