How to get Charm Designs?

Charm Designs are one of the two items you need to upgrade Chief Charms in Whiteout Survival. There are a few ways you can get Charm Designs:

  • Frostfire Mine
  • Tundra Trading Station
  • Foundry Shop
  • State of Power Shop
  • Events
  • Giant Elk Skill
  • Special Packs

Frostfire Mine

Frostfire Mine is a great special event for getting Charm Designs. In this event, you must battle Phaethon Mine Guards and occupy Orichalcum Veins. The more Orichalcum you gather during the event, the better rewards you can claim.

There’s a leaderboard for this event, and if you can rank in the top 500, you’ll receive plenty of Charm Designs to upgrade your Chief Charms. This event is also a good source of Chief Guides, the second item you need to upgrade Chief Charms.

Tundra Trading Station

Tundra Trading Station is a monthly event that can be a helpful way to get Charm Designs. You can trade your extra hero shards for Trade Vouchers in this event. Then, you can use these Trade Vouchers to buy Charm Designs. It’s a simple way to stock up on Charm Designs.

Foundry Shop

Every few weeks, you can join the Foundry Battle. By taking part in the Foundry Battle, you earn Arsenal Tokens based on your performance. These Arsenal Tokens can then be spent in the Foundry Shop to buy Charm Designs.

The shop holds a limited stock of 20 Charm Designs, and it resets after a few weeks. This makes the Foundry Shop a solid choice for obtaining Charm Designs regularly.

State of Power Shop

The State of Power Shop is another excellent way to obtain Charm Designs in Whiteout Survival. You become eligible to participate in the State of Power event once your state reaches an age of 80 days. After reaching this milestone, the State of Power event occurs monthly in your state.

During this event, you earn Sunfire Tokens which you can spend in the State of Power Shop. The shop offers various rare items, including Charm Designs. You can buy up to five Charm Designs from the State of Power Shop and then wait for the shop to reset again for more purchases.

It’s a reliable method to get Charm Designs and other rare items in the game.


The game hosts various special events every week and major events every month. These events often offer Charm Designs as rewards. For example, Officer Project events occasionally include Charm Designs that you can claim by reaching specific point milestones during the event.

It is recommended to participate in these special events regularly to gather Charm Designs and efficiently upgrade your Chief Charms.

Giant Elk Skill

The Giant Elk is one of the seven pets in Whiteout Survival, and it comes with a special skill. This skill rewards you with one Charm Design after a day or two, depending on the Giant Elk’s level. To build a Beast Cage and tame Giant Elk, your state must reach an age of 60 days.

Once the cage is set up, you can progressively capture and tame various pets, with the Giant Elk being the second-to-last pet in the sequence.

Special Packs

Another option to obtain Charm Designs is through a pay-to-win approach. In the game shop, there are special deals offered weekly that contain a large amount of Charm Designs.

Additionally, during major events like the Holiday season in December, special offers with Charm Designs are often available. Buying these special deals and packs is a great way to gather Charm Designs and speed up the process of upgrading your Chief Charms.


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