How to level up your Alliance?

Alliance levels play a major role in unlocking new features for your alliance, such as Bear Hunting and Alliance HQs. Right now, there are only two ways to level up an Alliance in Whiteout Survival:

  1. By contributing resources to Alliance Tech Research.
  2. By completing Daily Missions.

Contributing Resources to Alliance Research

Each day, every member of an Alliance can pitch in a specific amount of resources towards Alliance Tech Research. Alliance leaders have the authority to start new research, and once they do, members can begin donating resources. Whenever a member contributes resources to the Alliance Tech Research, the Alliance earns Alliance XP.

To speed up your Alliance’s progress, encourage your members to actively contribute resources to Alliance Research. This collective effort helps your Alliance level up faster, reaching higher levels more easily.

Daily Missions

Another way to earn Alliance XP and level up your Alliance is by completing daily missions. Players can accomplish a specific set of tasks each day to earn Activeness. These tasks remain consistent and do not change from day to day. When a member finishes certain tasks, they receive Activeness points, contributing to their total Activeness points.

Upon reaching certain milestones of Activeness points, players can unlock Daily Mission Chests. These chests contain Alliance XP along with other rewards such as speedups, gems, skill manuals, and more. Each member can collect up to 340 Alliance XP every day from Daily Missions if they open all the Daily Mission Chests.

To boost your Alliance level, encourage your members to complete their Daily Missions regularly. This consistent effort ensures that the Alliance continues to grow and progress steadily.


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