How to increase Gathering Speed?

In Whiteout Survival, you can send your troops to gather resources at resource nodes to earn event points or to get extra resources. Gathering resources takes a few hours, so many players often wonder how they can gather faster on the world map.

Here are all the ways to speed up resource gathering:

  1. Unlock and upgrade common heroes
  2. Use Musk Ox’s instant gathering skill
  3. Stay in Alliance territory for a gathering speed bonus
  4. Alliance Tech Research
  5. Focus on research related to resource gathering in the Research Center
  6. Capture Gathering Facility
  7. Purchase Gathering Speed Boost using Gems
  8. Unlock City Skin that increases resource gathering speed

Unlock and upgrade Common Heroes

There are four common heroes in Whiteout Survival: Cloris, Charlie, Eugene, and Smith. Each hero has a special skill that boosts the gathering speed of a specific resource. For example, Cloris increases meat gathering speed, Charlie increases coal gathering speed, Eugene improves wood gathering speed, and Smith boosts iron gathering speed.

Initially, their gathering speed bonus is +5% for that specific resource, but if you upgrade their skill to the maximum level (level 5), the gathering speed increases to +25%. Make sure to upgrade these heroes to maximize your resource gathering speed.

Use Musk Ox’s instant gathering skill

Musk Ox is the third pet you can unlock in the game. It has a special skill that instantly finishes one resource gathering expedition, but it comes with a cooldown. To unlock Musk Ox, you have to wait until your state reaches an age of 60 days. Then, you can build the Beast Cage and start unlocking seven different pets, each offering a different skill.

Musk Ox is the third pet you unlock in this sequence. Make sure to unlock and use Musk Ox’s special skill regularly to instantly complete one resource gathering expedition.

Stay in Alliance territory for a gathering speed bonus

Alliance members receive a territory bonus for remaining within the area covered by the Alliance HQ and banners. This bonus grows as the Alliance reaches higher levels and constructs prestige buildings.

To ensure you benefit from this bonus on resource gathering speed, use the Advanced Teleporter or Alliance Territory Teleport to relocate your city within your Alliance’s range. This bonus can increase resource gathering speed by up to +30%, so it’s essential not to overlook it.

Alliance Tech Research

In the “Alliance Tech Research” section under the growth tab, various research options are available to increase the resource gathering speed of Alliance Members. Each type of resource, such as Meat, Wood, Iron, and Coal, has its own research option.

Ask your Alliance Leaders to prioritize these researches so that Alliance Members can benefit from a speed boost in their resource gathering. Once your Alliance completes these research options related to gathering speed, Alliance Members receive a boost of +10% in resource gathering speed.

Focus on research related to resource gathering in the Research Center

In the Research Center of your city, under the “Economy” tab, you’ll find several research options related to resource gathering speed. These research options have 6 different tiers that unlock as you upgrade your Research Centers.

By maxing out all these tiers, your resource gathering speed can increase massively by up to +242.50%. If you’re aiming to boost your resource gathering speed, prioritize conducting these research options in your Research Center.

Capture Gathering Facility

Alliances within a state can compete for various facilities that offer different buffs, and one of them is the Gathering Facility. When an Alliance captures the Gathering Facility, it boosts the resource gathering speed of all its members by +5%. After capturing a facility, it goes into a protection phase lasting 3 days, during which it cannot be attacked again.

This process can be challenging for weaker Alliances because capturing the Facility may result in big troop losses. Stronger and higher-level heroes and troops are necessary to compete for control of the Facility.

Purchase Gathering Speed Boost using Gems

On the home screen of the game, you’ll notice a small arrow icon beneath your profile picture. Tapping this arrow button directs you to the City Bonus section. Within the City Bonus, under the “Growth” tab, you can buy and apply 8-hour and 24-hour gathering speed bonuses using gems.

These bonuses double the resource gathering speed of your troops. Therefore, you can use these bonuses when you need to gather resources more quickly within a shorter time frame.

Unlock City Skin that increases resource gathering speed

The game frequently introduces new skins for your city, each offering different types of buffs. These skins are usually launched during special events like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and others. For example, the “Winter of Plenty” skin becomes available for unlocking when your state is in its early stages.

To obtain this skin for your city, you need to reach 4 million power within a certain timeframe. Currently, “Winter of Plenty” is the only skin that provides a resource gathering speed bonus, but we can hope that similar skins will be added in the future for older players to unlock.


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