Lucky Wheel

Lucky Wheel is a three-day event in Whiteout Survival where you spin a wheel for rewards. You can use either Lucky Chips or Gems to spin the wheel. Each day, you receive one free Lucky Chip. Additionally, various packs are available for purchase to obtain more Lucky Chips.

How does the event work?

Here is the summary of how the Lucky Wheel event works:

  • Each day, you can spin the Lucky Wheel up to 150 times using either gems or Lucky Chips.
  • There are a total of 10 rewards available on the Lucky Wheel, with rarer rewards having lower chances of being obtained.
  • The event also offers Spin Rewards based on the total number of spins you complete over the three-day period. These rewards do not reset, so you can only earn them once during the event. Spin Rewards are given at 5, 15, 35, 70, and 120 spins. If you reach a total of 120 spins, you can earn up to 115 Mythic Hero Shards from Spin Rewards.
  • Additionally, you can expect to receive approximately 60 Mythic Shards from the Lucky Wheel spins themselves.
  • Each Lucky Wheel spin costs 1,500 gems if you don’t use Lucky Chips.
  • It costs a total of 175,500 gems to complete 117 spins on the Lucky Wheel. You receive three free spins throughout the event, so to reach the target of 120 spins, you will need to spend 175,500 gems.

How to get the best value out of Lucky Wheel?

To get the best value out of the Lucky Wheel event, you should start saving gems as much as possible before the event begins. Begin saving gems for the next Lucky Wheel as soon as the current event ends. This way, you can gather plenty of gems for the next event. The target should be 175,500 gems to complete the event.

Your goal during the event should be to reach 120 spins. By doing so, you can earn approximately 175 shards from the event (115 from spin rewards and 60 from the Lucky Wheel itself).

Going beyond 120 spins is excessive and would be a waste of gems. Once you have completed 120 spins, you should save your gems for the next Lucky Wheel event.

Chances of Content

Mythic Hero Shard (x5)4.37%
Mythic Hero Shard (x1)32.81%
Mystery Pack (x1)6.56%
Mystery Pack (x1)6.56%
1h General Speedup20.51%
10,000 Hero XP18.27%
10K Iron (x20)2.73%
10K Iron (x80)2.73%
10K Iron (x400)2.73%
10K Iron (x400)2.73%
Lucky Wheel – Chances of Content

Lucky Wheel Heroes

Here are the heroes you can unlock from the Lucky Wheel across different state generations:

  • Generation 2: Flint
  • Generation 3: Mia
  • Generation 4: Lynn
  • Generation 5: Hector
  • Generation 6: Renee
  • Generation 7: Bradley
  • Generation 8: Gatot

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