Tundra Games

Tundra Games is a major Whiteout Survival event featuring several mini-missions and games that offer rewards. The event is divided into seven tabs:

  • Camp Frostpunch
  • Whirlwind Wallop
  • Kitty Rescue
  • King of Treasure
  • Snowcapped Symphony
  • Top-up Benefits
  • Supply Station

Let’s look into the details of each tab.

Camp Frostpunch

Camp Frostpunch is the main part of the event, offering the best rewards. In this tab, you need to use “Fish Sandwiches” to punch your target. Fish Sandwiches can be obtained from the other event tabs.

Each punch you land gives you a random reward. There are two types of targets that randomly appear: Brawler Buddy and Arctic Crusher.

Brawler Buddy is the common target and gives lesser rewards for each punch, while Arctic Crusher provides better rewards. Once you defeat Brawler Buddy, there is a chance that either another Brawler Buddy or an Arctic Crusher will appear.

There is also a slim chance of defeating Arctic Crusher when punching it. If you defeat Arctic Crusher, you earn “Treasure Points,” which include a large number of Fish Sandwiches.

Whirlwind Wallop

The Whirlwind Wallop tab contains milestone rewards that are unlocked based on the number of punches you land in Camp Frostpunch. These rewards can be claimed only once.

The first tier of rewards is free for everyone, while the second tier, called “Haymaker,” and the third tier, called “Knockout,” contain much better rewards but require making purchases.

Kitty Rescue

Kitty Rescue is a mini-game in Tundra Games. In this tab, you have to rescue a kitty called “Bastet,” which fell into the Frozen Lake while chasing a butterfly. You play as the mythic hero Reina and throw Kunai at the frozen ice around the kitty to break the ice and rescue Bastet.

Here’s how this mini-game works:

  • Tap anywhere on the screen to throw Kunai downward.
  • All your Kunai must hit the spinning ice block for Bastet to be rescued.
  • Avoid hitting the Kunai already embedded in the ice block.
  • You must finish throwing all Kunai within the time limit.

You get “Rescue Mission” rewards for completing the mini-game.

King of Treasure

The King of Treasure tab contains tasks that you can complete to earn rewards such as Fish Sandwiches and other valuable items. This event is similar to the King of Icefield or State of Power preparation phase. Each day, a different set of tasks appears, which can be completed to claim milestone rewards.

Snowcapped Symphony

The fifth tab of Tundra Games is Snowcapped Symphony, another task-based part of the event. Here’s how this segment of the event works:

  • Complete designated missions during the event to earn rewards.
  • Completing all missions on a vertical or horizontal axis earns a stage chest.
  • Complete all missions to obtain the Snowpeak Trove.
  • Unclaimed rewards will be mailed at the end of the event.

Each vertical column contains 5 missions, while each horizontal row contains 3 missions. Completing all missions on a vertical axis gives better rewards compared to completing a horizontal row of 3 missions. The goal is to complete all the rows and columns.

For free-to-play players, completing all rows and columns may not be possible because completing the final mission requires a purchase of 2,500 gems or more.

Top-up Benefits

The Top-up Benefits tab is the sixth part of the event. To unlock the rewards available in this tab, you need to purchase gems. Here’s how it works:

  • The first reward unlocks when you purchase 2,500 gems.
  • The final reward unlocks when you purchase a total of 30,000 gems.
  • The last reward includes a Marching Skin called “Snow Sovereign,” which increases Solo Hunting March Speed by +5%.

Supply Station

The last tab of the event is Supply Station, which provides information on how to obtain “Fish Sandwiches” during the event. Fish Sandwiches are important as they are required for landing punches in the Camp Frostpunch tab. Here are the ways to obtain Fish Sandwiches listed in this segment:

  • Spend Gems
  • Use Speedups
  • Gather Resources
  • Defeat Beasts


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