Plan Your City

“Plan Your City” is a special event in Whiteout Survival that kicks in during the early days of your gameplay, especially when your server is in generation one. In this event, your goal is to boost your power by constructing and researching, which helps you earn points.

As you obtain points, you unlock milestone rewards. There are various milestone rewards up for grabs, and you get them by increasing your points. Now, let’s look into the specifics of this event.

How to Earn Points during Plan Your City?

To score points in the Plan Your City event, you’ve got two options: either build or upgrade your buildings to increase power, or conduct research in the Research Center to up your power and earn points. Every unit of power you raise, whether through construction or research, adds one point to your tally.

To get ready for this event, it’s recommended to begin stockpiling Research and Construction speedups the moment you spot this event on the Events Calendar. By doing this, you’ll have a bunch of speedups at your disposal, allowing you to quickly boost your power and complete the event in just a few minutes.

It’s a handy strategy to make the most of the Plan Your City event.

Plan Your City Rewards

The Plan Your City event brings in a bunch of useful rewards that can give your early gameplay a boost. These rewards cover resources, hero XP, speedups, gems, and skill manuals.

There are four point milestones to aim for, each demanding more points than the last but offering better rewards in return. When you hit the final milestone, you can collect 3200 gems and 5 Mythic Skill Manuals.

Leaderboard Rewards

In addition to the milestone rewards, there’s a chance to grab Leaderboard Rewards by securing a spot in the top 100 of the Honor Ranking during the event. The Honor Ranking is a scoreboard where you compete with all players in your state based on the points you earn.

The top 100 players with the highest points get a large amount of gems and speedups. If you’re eyeing a place on this leaderboard, it’s important to save plenty of speedups that you can use during the event.

Evolution of Events: Beyond Plan Your City Event

As your state progresses and reaches level 2, and especially after participating in the State of Power event, the Plan Your City event will phase out. It makes way for other events like the Armament Competition and Officer Project.

The Plan Your City event is tailored for the early stages of your gameplay, and as your state advances, different events come into play to keep things engaging and challenging. So, once your state matures, you’ll see a shift in the events lineup.


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